Tilda and Tartan - 2 males and 7 females born July 25, 2020.

This is our final litter and it is fully reserved.

Tilda and Tartan Bios.

Grand Champion Setherwood Tilda

Tilda is a beautiful mid-size girl with a thick lustrous coat, dark pigmentation and a very sweet soft expression. She is a gentle girl and a pleasure to have in our family. She finished her show championship and grand championship easily and was always in the ribbons.

Grand Champion Linirgor Tartan and Tweed "Tartan"

Tartan was imported from the Scottish kennel "Linirgor" as a puppy. He achieved his Grand Championship in Canada and is now working toward a field title.
He has all his clearances.

He went back to Scotland to compete in the 150th anniversary of the breed at their origin in Guisachan, near Inverness (click HERE for
a report on this gathering - he's in there somewhere).
His show accomplishments there qualified him to compete at the Crufts dog show in England.

Tartan is a solid, confident, outgoing dog who is truly happy in any venue.

Birthday - July 25.

Tilda began labour at 4:20 am. Her first pup arrived at 4:50 am and the ninth at 10:55 am. The birthweights were normal at about a pound each. Tilda was calm throughout and the pups were vigorous, nursing soon after birth. The only negative was the 10th pup that was stillborn.

Tilda's temperature was higher than normal after the births so we put her cooling jacket on for a few hours until her temperature returned to normal.

Here are pictures taken a few days before birth and on the 25th.

July 16.

July 23.

One minute old.

Tilda and brood.

Day 1 cuddle.

Tilda chilling.

Snoozing while Mum takes a break.

Tilda - Mama extraordinaire!

Update - July 28.

Tilda and her pups are doing well. The pups have gained weight, Tilda's temperature is normal and she is eating and nursing well. All is as expected.

Update - August 1, 2020.

Tilda and her pups continue to do well. The pups have grown from a range of 14 to 17 ounces at birth to 24 to 28.5 ounces today. Tilda spends most of her time with them and they take advantage of the open bar. We are tracking individual weights so we can quickly identify a pup that begins to fall behind. Fortunately all are gaining at present.

Here are a few pictures.

Each day, Tilda leaves the pups to eat or go outside for a quick walk. When she returns, the pups become quite excited and crawl over to nurse. Here is a short
VIDEO showing the pups responding when Tilda arrives.