This section is dedicated to those special times when something out of the ordinary happens. We'll put the most recent first and keep each item on the site for as long as possible.

March 27, 2020 A few pictures from past litters.

Puppies and dogs give us some great photo opportunities. Here are some of the ones most likely to make us smile and maybe give us a break from the crazy times we are all experiencing.

Pre-wash cycle.

Is this all for me?

Should'a used the chimney!

What could possibly go wrong?

Really! All I did was sniff it!

WAIT! I think there's a bear in there!
Umm .  .  . could I have your attention please?


She's got her sister's nose.

I lost my napkin.

They've eaten themselves into a coma.

Fine, I'll put you down. There's no need to shout!

Dental exam.

Did I miss any?
I just heard from Lefty. We're bustin' out at midnight!

Just so you know - you have puppy breath.

Can I watch the Olympics on this?

YIKES! What did I do to cause that?

Is this an iPad or a pPad?

I'm collecting for my obedience school tuition.

I'll certainly tell you if I see it.

Be NICE or I'll slug you!

Better than a duvet.

How do we know it's not genetically modified?

Is it bad if I can see right through?

I am SOOOO full!

December 8, 2019 - Millie litter reunion.

Millie's litter of 11 pups was born on July 12, 2019. Today, 8 of her pups came for the reunion. After introductions we went for a walk (humans in single file because of the snow) through the woods and around the field. The pups played the usual chasing and wrestling games and were oblivious to the deep snow and the cold. After the walk we went inside for 2- and 4-legged treats. Great fun!

All the pups looked great which is a credit to their owners.

Here are the pictures.

Single file through the trees.

And around the field.

Henry says "Keep up!".

Chasing the sibs.

And wrestling with the same.

I spy a photographer!

This Mazie hopes for a treat.

Looks like this Maisie already had one.

And the group.

November 24, 2019 - Tilda litter reunion.

Tilda's second litter was born on June 29, 2019. Of the 9 pups in the litter, 6 were able to attend the reunion. As the weather was good, we were able to take the pups for a walk on one of the forest trails and around the field. As usual, the pups has a great time and spent the whole time running, playing and carrying sticks.

After the walk and play time we went inside for 2- and 4-legged treats. Tilda seemed happy to see her offspring but was much more interested in mooching treats from anyone and everyone.

All the pups were in great shape (thanks to their owners).  

Here are a few pictures.

June 22, 2019 - Tilda and Tara litter reunion.

Tilda delivered 6 pups on December 20, 2018. Tara's 10 pups followed on December 27. So today, 9 Tara pups and 3 Tilda pups attended the reunion. Tara joined them (wearing a pink bandana). As usual, they recognized each other and immediately began to play. After all the pups had arrived, we took them to the pond where they had the best time chasing each other into and out of the water. After this, they went for a walk along the forest trail and around the field, playing the whole time. And finally we went back to the house for drinks and snacks (two and four legged versions). It was a great day for all involved.

Here are pictures taken by John and Jim, both puppy owners. Thanks to them for these great shots.

Greetings and Play-Time.

Pond Time.

Field Time.

Group Shot.

March 10, 2019 - Tara has retired.

Tara is a beautiful spirited girl who loved the show ring. She was on her best behaviour there (here not so much) and always seemed to try very hard to win. She did get her Grand Championship with some very impressive wins.

We had hoped to breed her three times over the next few years, keeping one of her sons for ourselves. However, due to life-threatening complications in her first pregnancy and delivery, we decided that one litter would be all for Tara. We kept a male pup from this litter and then decided that Tara should go to a new home. We know that she will be much loved and appreciated by her new owners as they have had several Setherwood dogs before.

Thanks for everything Tara.  Come back for a visit!

It was love at first sight.

Or was it first bite?

The happy family.

March 7, 2019 - Awesome Card.

We kept one of Tara's pups for several days while the new owners were on vacation. When they picked her up, they gave us a pop-up thank-you card showing a mother dog and her litter of pups. We had never seen anything like it and, as it was so appropriate, we thought we should share it via Tales. 

The front.

The inside

Mum and pups - one sleeper, one smiler and one frowner.

December 31, 2018 - Last year (or two) in review.

New Year's eve is a time we look back over the past year. Here is our "look back" at some of the pictures taken during the past two years.

Can I watch the Olympics on this?

YIKES! What did I do to cause that?

Is this an iPad or a pPad?

I'm collecting for my obedience school tuition.

If my ears were bigger I could fly!

I am SOOOOO full!

I'll certainly tell you if I see it.

Be NICE or I'll bop you!

Better than a duvet.

How do we know it's not genetically modified?

Is it bad if I can see right through?

Goodbye Mum. Thanks for everything.

And here are a few of the front page pictures we have used over the years.

Pre-wash cycle.

It's hard to be humble.

Line dancing.

It's a rough life.

Should'a used the chimney!

Queen of the castle.

Looks like an exciting game!

Another day of puppy laundry.

Musical (mostly noisy) dog bowls.

Mr Black can sleep in any position!

What could possibly go wrong?

Is this all for me?

I think it's a bit too big.

Just hanging in.

Morning run in new snow.

Tara dreaming of her turn at Westminster.

Junior kennel staff shopping for buckets.

WAIT! I think there's a bear in there!

Tara loves the Blue Jays.

Canada Day flag bearer.

Really! All I did was sniff it!

Jobs take longer with help.

December 8, 2018 - Millie's litter reunion.

Millie's 9 pups were born on July 7, 2018.  Of these, 6 were able to attend the reunion. As usual, the pups seemed to recognize each other and spent most of their time playing. They went for a walk along the forest trail and around the field then came back to the house for snacks. All had a good time.

Thanks to Margaret, we have a few pictures to share.

And the group shot.

November 11, 2018 - Georgina Kennel Club Show.

Setherwood Your Ad Here "Indy" was born on November 10, 2017. On November 11, 2018 he finished his show championship at the Georgina Kennel Club show in Lindsay. He was just one day past his first birthday. He had previously been shown very successfully to several Best Puppy and Reserve wins for the breed and on the last day of the Bobcaygeon show in July 2018 he was awarded Winner's Dog for his first 2 points. He has been shown exclusively by his owner Cathy. 

January 6, 2018 - Setherwood Your Ad Here "Indy" - 8 weeks old.

July 2018 - first two points - 8 months old.

Ch Setherwood Your Ad Here "Indy" - new Show Champion.

Cathy also owns two other Setherwood dogs (Ch Setherwood Bosch "Ryker"and Ch Setherwood Xcalibur "Griffin") who are also Show Champions.

August 21 and 22, 2018 - The Markham Kennel Club show.

Setherwood X's&O's MJ Sundance is an Adele/Crewe son born on February 3, 2107. In his first show in Orillia Sundance was awarded "Winners male" for 3 points. He was handled by a professional handler. At the Markham show on August 21, June handled him to another 2 points. His owner is keen to show him at a few more shows this year. They will be learning all the skills needed to win together.

Sundance at home,  practising his winning form.

Also at the Markham show the young male Setherwood Your Ad Here "Indy" won Best of Winners on August 22. This was a 5 point win. He may now already have the 10 points for his show championship and he is only 9 months old.

Our Tilda was also entered on August 21. She won Best of Breed and 4th in the sporting group for 5 points which finished her Grand Championship (20 points needed).

Congrats to the 3 Setherwood dogs at this show. (We took no pictures at the show because of the rain.)

July 5 and 6, 2018 - The Bobcaygeon Kennel Club show.

On July 5 and 6 we took both Tara and Tilda to the Bobcaygeon Kennel Club show in Norwood. Tara had 18 points of the required 20 for her Grand Championship and Tilda had 12 points toward this title.

On the first day Tara won Best of Breed over 20 Goldens and then went on to be 2nd in the sporting group over 59 other dogs. She earned 5 points with this win and now is a Grand Champion.

On the second day Tilda won Best of Breed and then went on to win 1st in the sporting group over 63 others. June and Tilda then had to compete for Best in Show. The beautiful Rough Collie won but both June and Tilda had an amazing time in the ring despite being nervous and tired. We think that Tilda has enough points to receive the Grand Champion award but this has not been confirmed by the CKC.

We now turn our attention from shows to Millie and her first litter.

 Grand Champion Setherwood Quitara - Group 2nd.

Grand Champion (we think) Setherwood Tilda - Group 1st.

At the same show, another dog of our breeding did very well. He is Setherwood Your Ad Here, known to his friends and family as Indy. He is a Nora/Crewe pup and was 7 months old. He had previously been shown very successfully by his owner to several Best Puppy and Reserve wins for the breed. On the last day of the Bobcaygeon show he was awarded Winner's Dog for his first 2 points.

Here is the winning picture.

Bobcaygeon Kennel Club - first 2 points.

June 16, 2018 - reunions for Isla's pups and Geneva's pups.

We held two reunions on June 16. Isla and 6 of her 9 pups came in the morning. Geneva and 7 of her 11 pups came in the afternoon. We followed the usual process - first a swim in the pond then a walk in the woods and field and finally 4- and 2-legged treats back at the house. The pups had a great time swimming, running and playing and we all enjoyed watching them. Is was obvious that each pup is a much loved family member. At the end we took a group picture and gave puppy loot bags.

Isla's reunion.

Left to right: Sidney, Russell, Django, Keeley (Isla's sister), Isla, Cassie, Murphy and Rosie.

Geneva's reunion.

From left to right: Bonnie, Ben, Gracie, Gryffin, Linus, Timber, Geneva and Ada.

May 12, 2018 - reunion for Nora's pups.

Nora's 11 pups were born on November 10, 2017. Nine were able to attend the reunion. All enjoyed their time swimming in and playing around the pond, then drying off as they ran in the field and finally eating snacks back at the house. All the pups were in excellent condition which is a credit to their owners.

Here are the pictures.

After snacks, we took a group photo. We threw a toy to attract the pups' attention before taking the shot, sometimes with unintended results.

The final product.

March 23, 2018
- some retirements.

Three of our girls have finished their time with us and have gone to live with other families. We enjoyed each of them as pets and friends.

1. Nora

Nora was born on June 17, 2015. She delivered a litter of 11 pups on November 10, 2017. She now lives with her friend Meryl who lived with us and produced one litter.

Setherwood Nora at 8 weeks old.

Nora with her litter of 11.

Nora and Meryl.

2. Geneva

Born on December 29, 2013, Geneva gave us 3 excellent litters - 11 pups on April 21, 2016, 12 on November 27, 2016 and 11 pups on January 11, 2018. She was a great mother and pet. She now lives with her new family in Aurora.

Eight weeks old.

First litter April 21, 2016.

Second litter November 27, 2016.

Third litter January 11, 2018.

Meeting the new family - all smiles.

3. Isla

Isla delivered two litters of 9 pups each on November 24, 2016 and January 9, 2018. She finished her show championship in August, 2017. She now lives with her litter sister Keeley.

Ellen with her litter - Isla and Keeley are in there somewhere.
Show champion - August 23, 2017.

First litter November 24, 2016.

Second litter January 9, 2018.

Isla (left) with litter sister Keeley and new family.

March 3, 2018 - 15 pups ready to go to their new homes.

This is a photo of 15 of the 20 pups from Isla's litter (9 born on January 9) and Geneva's litter (11 born January 11). It was taken in the morning of March 3, the day that Isla's pups left for their new homes. We tried to get all 20 in the frame but, despite their desire to cooperate, it proved impossible. We particularly like the pup with his sibling's ear over his eye and the "underdog" at the bottom right.

January 18, 2018 - Short story: "The Lady"

Our daughter Heather Wardell (click HERE for her website) is an author who has written 20+ books. She included this short story in her recent newsletter. It is a lovely story of a puppy's thoughts as he meets his soon-to-be owner. It is reprinted here with her permission. (Three guesses who it was that used to carry puppies around by their ears!)


The Lady by Heather Wardell


My sister backs away at my yelp, a little of my fur stuck to the corner of her mouth, wagging her tail and grinning at me.

I throw myself at her and try to bite her neck the same way she did to me, but I don't get the chance because The Lady who's taken care of me and my brothers and sisters and our mother my whole life scoops me up and says in her usual warm voice, "Come on over here, you, and behave yourself."

I put my head against her shoulder because I love her and also because it feels safer as she carries me out of the area where I spend most of my time and over to another lady who's sitting on the floor.

"Here's a sweet boy for you," The Lady says. "He's a pretty active puppy but I think he might be a good choice."

She hands me down to the new lady, who smells nervous as soon as she takes me. "He's so small," she says, her fingers curving over the back of my neck then giving me a nice but too-gentle scratch. "I won't hurt him holding him, will I?"

The Lady laughs. "When my daughter was little she used to carry them around by the ears no matter how hard I tried to stop her. They all survived so I'm sure he'll be okay with you."

New lady seems to relax a bit, and I close my eyes and lean into her, liking how her hands feel in my fur now that she's not so scared.

Then she turns me so she can look at me.

I look up at her, at the long brown fur hanging around her face and her dark brown eyes that seem to warm as she looks at me, and I feel warm too. Some of my brothers and sisters have already left with Ladies and Gentlemen and other smaller humans called Kids, going to what The Lady has called "your new home", and though I was happy for them because they were happy I didn't really like any of the People they were leaving with. I like this lady, though. Maybe she'll be my Lady.

"He's giving you a hard stare," The Lady says, using a different kind of voice on the last two words as if she's pretending to be someone else.

The new lady looks up, and I do too as she says, "Paddington Bear, right? I remember that show."

The Lady nods. "That one seems to like giving stares."

The one holding me bends her head and looks down at me, and I look up into her eyes.


Is that my name now? I've been called Mr. Green because I wear a green collar but it never felt right. Paddington does.

Happiness fills me and I give a little sigh.

"Oh!" The lady pulls me close and squeezes me tight. "I just love him. This one."

"This one," The Lady agrees. "He's yours, Lydia."

My Lady, Lydia, kisses me on the top of my head and I lick her hand.

She and The Lady talk about what I eat and how to take care of me, and I listen for a bit then close my eyes and drift off to sleep in her lap, dreaming of our new home together.


January 10, 2018  The Dinner Party - What social life would be like if people behaved like dogs.

We discovered this story many years ago. We don't know who wrote it but whoever it was, he or she really understood dog behavior. Enjoy.

Opening scene: A living room.

Some of the guests have already arrived and are racing around the room, variously hugging, colliding, dancing around each other, patting one another vigorously on the shoulders and jumping up and down.

Another guest arrives at the door and rings the bell. Everyone runs over to the door, evidently excited beyond belief, and leaps around, jostling each other while staring at the door and yelling, "WHO'S THERE?!?!WHO'S THERE!?!?! WHO'S THERE?!?!"

The guest on the other side of the door yells back, "WHO'S THERE?!?!?WHO'S THERE!?!? WHO'S THERE?!?!"

The new arrival enters. The party resumes as before.

The camera follows several of the guests around, including:

A muscular male dressed all in black who carries a Frisbee everywhere, clutched tightly to his chest. If anyone touches the Frisbee, he whirls abruptly around and stalks off, glaring over his shoulder.

Another man, dressed in plaid, rather jolly, who has a drooling problem. Every so often he shakes his head and drool flies onto adjacent guests, who don't even notice.

A depressed-looking woman who spends the entire evening methodically ripping a large, stuffed chair to shreds.

A small group huddled together in a corner. They are all talking loudly and at the same time about completely unrelated subjects.

Several thirsty guests drinking from the toilet despite the carafe of ice water on the table.

A huge guy, with jeans jacket and tattoo, who goes up to various people, drapes his arm over their shoulders and gives them a giant squeeze. Whoever it is immediately hands their hors d'oeuvre to the guy, who eats it.

A very small old lady with frizzy hair who leaps out from behind the furniture at passers by and speaks sharply to them. Even the huge guy is daunted.

The party Lothario who sidles up to anyone, male or female, and tries to smooch, but often misses the other person's face. Nobody seems to mind.

Various bits of action occur:

Someone emerges from the bathroom, and everyone rushes over and crowds in to see what happened.

A guest, looking out the window, suddenly gets very excited and yells, "A SQUIRREL!!! A SQUIRREL!!! A SQUIRREL!!!" 

Everyone rushes to the window and joins in, yelling "A SQUIRREL!!! A SQUIRREL!!! A SQUIRREL!!!"

Two people - one big, one little - grab an appetizer at the same time. They stand stock still, each holding on to it and staring out the corner of their eyes at each other. Suddenly, the big one whirls around and tries to walk off with it. The little person, however, doesn't let go and is flung around in the first one's wake.

In the kitchen, several guests have knocked over the garbage and are going through it.

In the backyard, several people with little spades are digging holes. They dig furiously, dirt flying back between their legs. At frequent intervals they push their noses into the holes, sniffing deeply and then, with fresh enthusiasm, resume digging.

A fight breaks out in the living room between two guests, but it's over in three seconds and the opponents hug each other joyfully.

Several guests can be seen hiding bits of food around the living room. They carefully scan for a likely spot, put the food down, then pick it up again and start looking for a better place.

One guest, with his hands full of food, simply holds onto it and snarls at anyone who approaches him. He keeps trying to add more food to his pile, spilling as much as he acquires.

Dinner is served:

Everyone races over to the table and there's a big to-do while the seating arrangement is worked out. Then all the guests eat as fast as they possibly can.

Every so often, one guest simply grabs something off the plate of the person next to him/her. Sometimes that person grabs it back.

When everyone's finished, they jump up and change places to inspect each other's plates.

After dinner, everyone takes a nap. They are sprawled around the room, some in little groups huddled together, some on their backs on couches with their feet up on the arms and their hands flung over the back, some curled up awkwardly in overstuffed chairs with their chins propped up on the arms. Occasionally, we see limbs twitching, hear little contented noises and notice obnoxious odours.

Party games:

Tug of war.

How many tennis balls can you hold in your mouth at one time?

A relay race in the back yard where the baton is never passed off. Each member of the team simply grabs hold when his or her turn arrives and everyone runs together, their voices low and menacing.

Tug of war

Singing together around the piano, but everyone sings a different song.

Tug of war


Removing the living room baseboards.

Grab the tail of the donkey.

Musical chairs, where shoving is allowed and you can sit on more than one chair. The big guy in the jeans jacket always wins. 


A real dog party, of course, would never stop. So we have to introduce a group of humans who gradually arrive to pick up the guests. This is no easy task, as the target guest runs off when called. There's a lot of milling around and loud confusion as the caretaker humans go after the guests, sometimes grabbing them by the shirt collar or the arm and hauling them away while the guest looks back at the crowd, waving joyfully.

Outside, on the sidewalk, a passerby is knocked down by a group of departing guests. As the passerby tries to get up, the departing guests jump on him, laughing uproariously.

One of the departing guests escapes and returns to the door. The guests inside yell "WHO'S THERE?!?!WHO'S THERE!?!?! WHO'S THERE?!?!"

Everyone looks very happy, the good-byes are loud and enthusiastic and all are looking forward to the next dinner party.

- Author Unknown -

September 25, 2017 - Setherwood dogs at the Golden specialty

On September 16 and 17 we went to the Golden Retriever Specialty Show held this year in Claremont. In total there were 5 Setherwood dogs entered.

The youngest was Setherwood Xuberance "Ollie". The first day he was learning how to be a show dog (and having altogether too much fun). On the second day he won his class and then went on to be Reserve Winner out of all the males entered. This was an excellent win for the 7 month old pup.

The next was Setherwood Umatilla "Ella" entered in the 12-18 month class. She was entered in two shows, winning her class in the first show and placing second in the second show. She and her owner are doing a great job learning the ropes together.

The third Setherwood dog was Champion Setherwood Xcalibur "Griffin". He put on a great show with his young handler and made it through the judges cut into the top group of dogs.

The 4th and 5th dogs were our own girls Champion Setherwood Isla and Champion Setherwood Quitara. They were also successful in making the cut and Tara won the Judges Award of Merit on the first day.

All in all a very fun weekend surrounded by Goldens.

Ollie - Reserve Winner. (photo by Lori Bozian of Bullayr photos)

Ella - looking good!
(photo by Jen Stone)

Griffin and Sean.
(photo by Jen Stone)

Isla and handler Cathy.
(photo by Jen Stone)

Tara - Judges Award of Merit
(photo by Lori Bozian of Bullayr photos)

August 23, 2017 - Isla is a show champion

On Wednesday August 23 we put Isla in the Markham Kennel Club show hoping she would win the last point that she needed for her show championship (she had 9 points of the 10 needed).

Well she did much better than that. The judge really liked her and gave her Best of Breed over 15 Goldens, 5 of them already champions. Then he awarded her 4th in the sporting group over 50 dogs. In total she won 5 points and became a champion.

Isla is the fourth generation of Setherwood girls to earn this title. Her mother Ellen had the same sort of victory when she got her championship (click
HERE for details).

Here is the picture taken after the win.

Ch Setherwood Isla

June 24, 2017 - Adele pup reunion.

On February 3, 2017, Adele delivered her third and final litter of 10 pups - 6 males and 4 females. All returned today for a reunion. As usual, the pups recognized each other and had a great time playing together. The weather was good so we were able to spend time around (and some in) the pond,  enjoy a walk through the bush and around the field and wrestling time around the house. All the pups were enthusiastic, well behaved and in great condition (due to the excellent care provided by their owners). It was fun for all.

Here are a few of the pictures taken today. And thanks to Bernie for allowing us to use some of his photos.

June 11, 2107 - Tilda is a show champion.

We decided to enter Tilda in the Ontario County Kennel Club show held in Orono on June 9 to 11. We like to show our girls when they are about 11 months old to give them a positive show experience while they are still young. Our hope is that they will enjoy themselves and maybe win the puppy class.

Tilda surpassed all our expectations. She behaved like a seasoned show dog and won Best of Winners each day. Best of Winners means that she beat all the dogs not already show champions.
These wins gave her enough points for her show championship all in one weekend of showing. She was also awarded Best Puppy.

There was also a new class called "Best Canadian Bred" in recognition of Canada's birthday. She won that class not only for the Goldens but also for all the sporting dogs entered.

Tilda is now the 5th generation of Setherwood girls to be awarded the title "Champion".

It was a great weekend all round.

Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Group

Best Canadian Bred and new Champion

May 27, 2017 -  Isla
and Geneva pup reunions.

The two litters were about 6 months old when they returned for their reunion. The weather was good so we were able to enjoy some time in the pond (no humans fortunately), a walk in the field, some dog and people refreshments and a group picture. It was fun for everyone. All the pups behaved and looked great.

Here are the pictures.

Isla's pups.

Geneva's pups.

April 7, 2017 - Adele has retired.

Adele was born on June 17, 2012. During her time with us, she delivered three litters (9 pups on June 20, 2015, 9 on July 4, 2016 and 10 on February 3, 2017). She was an excellent mother and a great pet, loving and gentle. She will be living with a family on Scugog Island and will have as friends her litter sister Lola and Sophie, a pup from Geneva's April, 2016 litter.

Here are a few pictures including one of Adele with June and Adele's new owner.

Mother Hazel - Adele is in there somewhere.

Eight weeks old.

First litter - June 20, 2015.

Second litter - July 4, 2016.

Third litter - February 3, 2017.

Adele with some of her last litter.

Adele leaving for her new home.

November 30, 2016 - Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold.

Our neighbour took this picture at the end of her lane on November 30. If you look down the road, you can just see the start of our laneway on the right. Our house is well back from the lane and it looks as if the rainbow ends at our house where there really is a pot of gold - well, goldens anyway.

November 20, 2016 - Adele litter reunion.

Adele delivered 9 pups on July 4, 2016. Six of the 9 pups came on this very cold day. We went for a quick walk in the woods them came back to the dog room for hot apple cider (humans only).  As usual, the pups recognized each other as littermates and had a great time playing together. 

Here are a few pictures.

A COLD walk through the woods.

Warming up in the dog room.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Can't WAIT to get my loot bag!

Some are quite civilized.

Others not so much.
This was great fun!
Goodbye and thanks for having us.

We try to take a group picture at each reunion. Normally, it is easy. All the pups and families pose, we throw a toy to attract the pups attention then take several shots to be sure we get a good one.

This time, it took 3 takes to get a good picture because one of the pups twice escaped from the owner's grasp as the toy was thrown. Check the pup (and owner) on the left in these pictures.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3 - finally, a good one.

The group - 5 of Adele's litter of 9.

November 19, 2016
- Claire litter reunion.

Eight of the 14 pups in Claire's June 23. 2016 litter come to the reunion. The weather was rainy so our walk was shorter and picture-taking was restricted. The pups still had a great time and Claire (who was able to come with her owner) was happy to see them - for a short time at least. The humans enjoyed the puppy antics and the hot apple cider.

A wet walk begins.

Yes there were dogs around somewhere.

Claire, hoping she is not staying.

Normal dog room games.

Claire being greeted by one of her pups.

Nora - just could not stand the pace.

The group - 8 pups and Claire (third from right).

November 9, 2016 - Results from the Orangeville dog shows.

On November 5 and 6, we took Tara to the dog shows in Orangeville. On the first day she did very well, winning her classes in each of the three shows.These wins gave her more than the 10 points needed for her show championship. On the second day, she was awarded Best of Breed and Best Puppy over other champions. Later that day, the judge gave her a third place and best puppy in the sporting group. She was by far the youngest dog competing at that level

We also took little Tilda to the show and she won Best Baby Puppy.

It was a very happy day.

Tara with judge and handler Hailey Griffith.

Tara and Tilda - looking good!

September 25, 2016 - Eloise litter reunion.

Eloise's pups were born on April 9, 2016. They had a great time catching up with their siblings and with Eloise who was able to attend. It is always good to see how much each of these pups is a part of a loving family.

Here are the pictures. 

September 24, 2016 - Geneva litter reunion.

Geneva's pups were born on April 21, 2016. We all spent time in and around the pond and then went for a walk in the field. After that, it was treat time for dogs and humans. It was obvious that each pup is an important family member.

Here are a few pictures including a group shot.

September 18, 2016 - Tara at the Golden Specialty Show.

Tara competed in the Regional Golden Retriever Specialty Show in Stratford today. She had a handler, Hailey Griffith, to show her for us and to keep her for the weekend (the show ran from September 16 to 18).

Judge Pluis Davern from Royal Oaks, California,  placed Tara first in a class of 9 girl puppies then placed her first over all the non-champion females entered (called "Winners Bitch"). This win gave her 5 of the 10 points she needs for her show championship.

Later, she was chosen as the best puppy at the specialty today.

Tara was the youngest dog entered in the competition. Her mother, Mara, did very well at this same show last year (click
HERE for details).

Here are the pictures.

August 29, 2016 - Eloise and Claire have retired.

It's time to say Goodbye to two of our girls - Eloise and Claire. Both have delivered litters for us and have done well raising them. We know that their new families will give them great homes with lots of love and care.


Eight weeks old.

Two years old.

Nine pups born April 9, 2016.

Going to her new family - August 8, 2016.


Eight weeks old.

First litter June 17, 2015 - 10 puppies.

Second litter June 23, 2016 - 14 puppies.

Saying Goodbye - August 17, 2016.

August 8, 2016 - Olympic hopeful.

As the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are now being held, we thought it timely to re-introduce our own Olympic hopeful Setherwood Purdey. She was born on December 22, 2015 and soon showed her athletic ability and determination. Here she is as a five week old pup, describing her vault routine.

First, I have to mount.

This is harder than I expected.

Almost there!

Now for the dismount.


So, what was my score?

May 28, 2016 - Mara's litter reunion.

Mara's pups were born on January 8, 2016. They had a great time catching up with their siblings and with Mara who was able to attend. It is always good to see how much each of these pups is a part of a loving family.

Here are the pictures.




Another Bailey.


Saying "Hello!" to the big dogs.

War games.

The victor?

The boys and Mara.

The girls and Mara.

The whole group.

May 21, 2016 - Ellen's litter reunion.
Ellen's 7 pups were born on December 22, 2015. Of these, four were able to attend the reunion. We spent time in and around the pond and then went for a walk in the field. After that, it was treat time for dogs and humans. Ellen had a great time swimming (a favourite pastime when she lived here) while the pups chased each other around. 

Here are a few pictures and a group shot.

Pond time.

Ellen in her element.

Frog hunt.

I think I can . . .

Looking great!

Action shot #1.

Action shot #2.

Field time.

The group.

Purdey, Pearl, Ellen, Zoe and Nikita.

March 9, 2016 - Mara has retired.

Mara was born here on November 30, 2011. She earned her show championship and her Canine Good Neighbour title. She gave us three excellent litters and was a good mother to a total of  32 pups, two of which are still living with us (Millie and Tara).

She leaves us to live with a family that has been waiting for her for many months. We are sure that she will have a great second life with them.

One year old.

First litter of 9 - June 17, 2014.

Second litter of  13 - January 6, 2015.

Third litter of 10 - January 8, 2016.

Show Champion - October 2, 2015.

Mara with part of her new family - March 3, 2016.

February 20, 2016 - Miss Pink (Zoe) at home.

On February 13, Miss Pink (Zoe) left her Mum Ellen and her littermates to begin life at her new home, which included another Golden named Bambi. Of course Zoe was a bit overwhelmed by all the changes and Bambi did her best to make Zoe feel comfortable. Here is Bambi's account of events.

First, I let her cuddle with me.

Then I let her watch TV.

And then I let her sleep in my bed with me.

Something went wrong somewhere!

February 14, 2016 - Valentine's Day Kiss-Cam.

Mara's pups (along with Pippa and Pearl from Ellen's litter) teamed with today's visitors to produce these pictures of true love.

February 11, 2016 - Ellen has retired.

It is always difficult when one of our girls goes to a new home. Ellen was born here on December 28, 2010. She earned her show championship, her Canane Good Neighbour title and her Rally Novice obedience title. She delivered her first litter of 12 on April 6, 2014, her second litter of 10 on November 14, 2014 and her final litter of 7 on December 22, 2015.

Eight weeks old.

Show championship - December, 2013.

First litter - 12 pups on  April 6, 2014.

Second litter - 10 pups on November  14, 2014.

Third litter - 7 pups on December 22, 2015.

Ellen gave us many great memories but they were not all pleasant. Here are pictures of Ellen being prepared for a dog show.

First the shampoo.

Then we towel dry.

And finally, we blow dry.

Clean, groomed and ready to compete.

Then, we put Ellen outside for a few minutes. Here is what she looked like when she came in.

It seems that she really enjoyed the pile of pine mulch delivered that afternoon. Fortunately, there was time to go through the bath routine again before the show.

Ellen was truly a wonderful dog to be with and while we will miss her, we know that she will be living in a caring home where she will be loved and appreciated. And we will be able to visit with her from time to time.

Ellen with her new family.

January 8, 2016 - The Setherwood Cafe?

Two of our friends (Jill and Barbara) were expected for dinner. When they arrived, June was still delivering Mara's litter. So we set up the card table and moved the meal into the dog room. 
Great food in a unique setting. Could be the start of something great!

A few Christmas pictures from 2011 to 2014.

First, Christmas morning pictures from 2011 and 2012.

Then, a 2013 visit from Santa. (Yes, he might have his beard on backward).

Next, puppies under our 2014 tree (please disregard the wet spots in the last photo).

And finally, Christmas morning in 2014. Even dogs like Christmas stockings!

The making of our 2015 Christmas card.

Each year, we try to make a Christmas card featuring a picture of our Goldens in holiday attire. It is NEVER easy!

This year, we decided to arrange Claire and her daughter
(Naughty) Nora for a cozy picture in front of the kitchen fire. It wasn't easy! Here are a few of  the many "out-takes". 

And here is the one we used.

Merry Christmas from the Setherwood girls.

Adele puppy reunion - December 5, 2015.

Adele's nine pups were born on June 20, 2015. Of these, six were able to attend the reunion.
We all went for a walk in the field and then spent time in (no humans fortunately) and around the pond. After that, it was treat time for dogs and humans. It was obvious that each pup is an important family member.

Here are a few pictures including three group shots.

The start of the walk.

Adele goes too.

Field time (see action shot on far left).

Pond time.

And here are the pond participants.

Adele and her girls.

Adele and her boys.

The whole group.

Here are pictures of each pup and family when they left us on August 15 and at the December 5 reunion.

August 15, 2015December 5, 2015

Mr Green


Mr Burgundy


Mr Black


Mr Purple


Miss Orange


Miss Red


Claire puppy reunion - November 28, 2015.

Claire delivered 10 pups on June 17, 2015.  All of the pups and their families attended the reunion. We all went for a walk in the field and through part of the wooded area. After that, both dogs and humans enjoyed snacks. All the pups looked great and were obviously a big part of each family.

Here are pictures including three group shots.

The walk begins.

In the field.

Puppy Claire - looking good!

Through the woods.

Mama Claire, hoping they are not moving back!

Treat time - for dogs and people.

Claire and her girls.

Claire and her boys.

The whole family.

Here are pictures of each pup and family when they left us on August 8 and at the November 28 reunion.

August 8, 2015November 28, 2015

Mr Black


Miss Pink


Mr Blue Spot


Miss Red


Mr Paisley


Mr Blue Check


Mr Green


Miss Yellow


Miss Purple


Nora at the Trillium dog show - Best Baby Puppy in Group.

The 3-day show was held in Lindsay. On October 31, Nora was entered in the "Baby Puppy" class. As it was Halloween, costumes were encouraged. Nora was handled by pirate June and she WON HER CLASS! (OK yes she was the only entry but still . . .). Then she competed in the sporting group with the best baby puppies from the other sporting breeds and won! The next step was the best baby puppy in show but she was not chosen. It was great experience for Nora and June (also known as the Anne Bonny of Uxbridge).

Here is the victory picture.

Mara update - October 2, 2015.

Mara went to the Pine Ridge Kennel Club show in Port Hope today and won her class which gave her enough points (10 required) to be given the title of "Show Champion".

Golden Retriever Specialty - September 19 and 20, 2015.

The Golden Specialty show is held each year at about this time. It attracts some of the best show Goldens. This year, we entered two of our dogs - Millie and Mara. Millie was entered in the Puppy Sweepstakes on September 19 while Mara was entered in a class for adults on both days. June handled both dogs herself.

Millie won her class, which was just for female pups. She did not win over the winner of the male class so she did not go further. However, we were happy that she showed well, had some fun and brought home a ribbon.

Setherwood Mildred "Millie" with the judge holding the first place ribbon.

On Saturday, Mara won her class but did not go further in the competition. On Sunday, she again won her class and then competed against the winners of all the other female classes. She won again. This meant that she was in the ring to compete against the winner of all the male classes. She showed beautifully and was awarded "Best of Winners".

Setherwood Xiomara "Mara" with judge, June and huge rosette.

Then, to make things even better, the male that was judged Best of Breed was Grand Champion Setherwood Bosch (Claire's brother), owned and handled by Cathy Pinkney. So, two of the top placings in the show were Setherwood dogs. We are trying hard not to brag (too much).

Grand Champion Setherwood Bosch "Ryker" with judge and owner/handler Cathy.

Ch Setherwood Bosch and Setherwood Xiomara with judge and handlers Cathy and June.

We also entered three dogs in the Canadian Good Neighbour test - Claire, Mara and Eloise. Each one passed so we can now put "CGN" after their names.

Mara's Puppy Reunion - June 6, 2015.

Mara delivered 13 pups by C-section on January 6, 2015. Eight families attended the reunion. As is usual, the pups swam in or played near our pond and most went for a walk in the 20 acre field (a few decided to stay near the house). After that, the dogs and the humans enjoyed snacks. All the pups looked great and seemed to enjoy the outing.

Here are pictures including three group shots.

The group including Mara and our pup Millie (5th and 6th from the right).

The girls.

The boys.

Two Puppy Reunions and a close call - April 25 and May 2, 2015.

On April 25, we held a reunion for Violet's pups born on November 14, 2014. The pups had a great time playing with their litter-mates, swimming in the pond and walking in the field. Violet and her buddy Sophie also attended. All the pups were in great health and were obviously each a part on a loving family. Here are a few pictures, including a group shot and some pictures taken of individual pups with Violet and Sophie.

Millie also attended and had fun making sure all the visiting pups followed her rules. Here she is being loved - or is it "mauled"?

The second reunion was held on May 2, 2015 for Ellen's pups born November 14. Ellen was less than welcoming at first - maybe she though they were coming back to stay. The pups took no offense and spent all of their time playing in and around the pond and during their walk through the bush and field.  As with Violet's pups, they were in great health and were also key family members.

Here is the group shot followed by pictures of each pup with Ellen.

Here is a foot-note to the May 2 reunion. This is a picture of the 20 acre field where we took the pups for a walk at about 3 pm on May 2:

This is what it looked like at about 5 pm the same day:

A grass fire started in the neighbour's field immediately north of our field. The south-east wind quickly pushed the flames across our field. The Scugog fire department responded and were able to put the fire out before it reached the bush area on the south side of the field.  In the end, about 3/4 of the field was burned.

Had the fire burned into the bush, it would have been hard to stop before it took our house. This picture shows the bush on the left. The fire was about 12 feet away when it was finally put out. A close call.

The field is regenerating nicely. Here is a final picture showing the field on May 10. In the end, no serious damage was done.

Meryl has retired.

We are sad to say "Goodbye" to a very sweet, gentle and faithful dog. Meryl was born here on January 12, 2010. She had a litter of 7 pups in March 2013 but was unable to repeat this success. In January, 2015, she was expecting one pup but it was stillborn. At the same time, Mara delivered 13 pups by C-section and Meryl took Mara's 6 boys and raised them to weaning. It was a job she loved and did well. Her care really helped us and Mara out as 13 pups for one mother is too many.

Meryl was always happy and outgoing and while we will miss her, we know that she will be living in a caring home where she will be loved and appreciated. 

Meryl and her litter of  7, born March 6, 2013.

Meryl with part of Mara's 2015 litter.

Typical pose.

Meryl and Sylvie - starting a new life together.

Here is a picture of Meryl taken about an hour after she arrived at her new home. We think she will be just fine.

The first of many comforts.

Natalie the Photographer - repost February 23, 2014.

In May 2010, we wanted to take some pictures of the dogs but could not find the camera. Later that day we found it in Natalie's crate - with a few chew marks added. When we checked the pictures we found that Natalie had taken a few of her own. Here they are.

How do you focus this thing?

That's a bit better . . .
This is my foot.

     This is the inside of my mouth.

                  I am open for business!

Kiss Cam - February 14, 2015

Here are a few pictures we found to help celebrate Valentine's day, 2015.

Dog Hair - January 17, 2015.

Yes - I think it's time to vacuum.

All of those living with a Golden or two (or more) know that they shed a bit. OK, more than a bit. But it's not all bad because Golden hair has uses. Here are a few.

The word "Setherwood" on the website banner is not simply a gold colour but is actually coloured with Golden hair. Our son Matt, who created the banner, put a layer of hair from our Tara behind the letters. (Tara is the old dog on the left of the banner). Take a look.

In spring, Goldens lose much of their winter coat. Spring is also the time when wild birds build their nests. One enterprising bird built her nest in a tree near our outside runs and lined it with some of the hair. The nest blew out of the tree in the fall and we were fortunate enough to find the nest before the dogs did. It looks quite cosy.

June brushes the dogs several times each week. Several years ago, she collected the resulting hair and, when she had enough, sent it to a person in Texas who cleaned it then spun it into wool. Our daughter Heather then used the wool to trim the hat, mitts and scarf that she had knitted.  It's all very stylish. And it still sheds and smells like dog when it is wet. How great is that? 

All the light-coloured wool is from Golden hair.

That's it. But remember:

Setherwood dog makes the Front Page - January 15, 2014.

This picture was taken September 27, 2014 during the walk-a-thon to raise funds for the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog.
It shows Ch Ejon Setherwood Dreamcatcher RN (Rita) and a fellow walker enjoying the event. Rita lived with us for several years before retiring to live with a great family in Uxbridge. Both tongues are impressive!

A Look Back - January 13, 2015.

Cleaning out old files sometimes allows one to find things long forgotten. This occurred yesterday when we found puppy pictures of "Kimwhany Just in Time".

In 1987, we visited Kimwhany Golden Retrievers in England and met Kimwhany Everleigh, an impressive English Golden that breeder Margaret Somerton was planning to breed. She agreed to send a female from her next litter to us. On March 10, 1988, Everleigh delivered her litter - one female pup. Margaret named her "Kimwhany Just in Time"and sent her to Setherwood in May of 1988. We called her "Kayla".

Kayla delivered 27 Setherwood pups during her career and is related to four of the dogs at Setherwood today - Ellen, Claire, Geneva and Isla. We enjoyed her company until her death. She had a great impact on the type of pups born here now.

Here are the puppy pictures which Margaret sent to us and one of Kayla the show dog.

Six weeks old - with her Mum.

With her favourite toys Teddy and Bunny, which Margaret sent with Kayla.

Mums are good teachers.

Comfortable too.

Kayla inspecting the Kimwhany troops.

About 2 years old - looking good!

Recipe for a great puppy area - December 26, 2014.

Each morning we clean the puppy area and give the pups clean shavings, blankets and toys. By the next morning, the area is a disaster. Here is our recipe for a great puppy area as originally posted in 2012 (Rose's litter).


1. Large blanket or sheet.
2. Large bath towels (with or without holes).
3. Litter box.
4. 1/4 bag of wood shavings.

5. Water bowl, water included.
6. Clean puppy toys.
7. Puppies, 4 to 8 weeks old, any number.


1. Clean area thoroughly. Place the litter box in the area. Add the wood shavings. Leave fluffy.

2. Place blanket, towel, toys and water bowl neatly in the area.

3. Add puppies one at a time, placing each carefully on the blanket. Leave for several hours.

4. No need to mix - the ingredients do that all by     themselves!

Visiting Hours - December 13, 2014.

Each week, many of the new puppy owners attend our weekly visiting hours. This gives them the opportunity to see the pups grow and to interact with them. It is also good for the pups as part of their socialization. And finally it helps us to get to know the new owners and to ultimately match pups with people.

During the first 4 weeks, the pups are in their whelping box so direct interaction is limited. Between 4 and 8 weeks, the pups can interact directly. Here are a few pictures taken at the December 13 visiting hours. As there are two litters (Ellen and Violet) totaling 18 pups, it was a full house!

Mara pup reunion - November 29, 2014.

Group picture - Mara on the far left.

Six of Mara's nine pups attended this 6 month reunion. We were glad to see how much each one has become a major part of a loving family and how well they are being cared for. We went for a walk in the field then came back to the house area for more fun. The pups played well together - always the same game! Our thanks to Lisa for most of these pictures.

The pups left us for their new homes in mid-August. Here are pictures taken as they left and at the reunion.

Mid-August, 2014.November 29, 2014.

Miss Yellow.


Miss Pink.


Miss Red.


Mr. Blue Dot.


Mr. Blue Paisley.


Mr. Green.


Claire - new show champion November 28, 2014.

Setherwood Bouclaire, AKA Claire, became a new show champion today at the Caledon Kennel Association show. She needed 2 points to reach the required 10 points and was awarded 5 points for today's effort. June did the handling.

We'll do
Claire's health tests (eyes, hips, etc) in December. If all goes well, we plan to breed her on her next heat.

Two happy ladies - November 28, 2014.

Litter reunions - September 20 and 27, 2014.

We held a reunion for Violet's pups on September 20 and for Ellen's litter on September 27. The weather was perfect and all participants had a great time. Here are a few pictures.

1. Violet and pups.

Pond time.

Walk time.

Snack time - dogs and people.

Group shot.

2. Ellen and pups.

Field trip.

Someone tired?

Isla with Mum (Ellen, left) and Dad (Geordie, Right).

The group.

Isla at the Bracebridge dog show - July 31, 2014.

Before every show, the dogs to be entered are given a bath and grooming. Here is Isla going through the process.

I hope I live through this!

First the shampoo.

Then the rinse.

Looking good after being blow-dried.

Isla was entered in the Baby Puppy Class (puppies between 3 and 6 months). Under the first judge, she was selected the best baby puppy in the sporting group.

Waiting for the judge.

Best baby puppy in the sporting group!
She then competed for Best Baby Puppy in Show under another judge and won!

Best Baby Puppy in Show!! Congratulations to Isla and June.

The Highlands of Durham Games - July 26 and 27, 2014.

The Games are held each year at Uxbridge and feature all things Scottish. Included in the festivities is a show of Scottish dog breeds including the Border Collie, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Scottish Deerhound
, Smooth Hair Collie, Bearded Collie, Rough Collie, Sheltie, Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter, West Highland Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Cairn Terrier and the Skye Terrier. We participate most years and this year we took Adele, Claire and Isla. We had a great time talking about Goldens to many interested people, including several young ladies who were dancing in the highland dancing competition. It was puppy Isla's first experience with this type of event and she was a big hit. Here are a few pictures.

Our site at the Games.

June ready to take the girls into the show ring.

Some of the many visitors.

Isla being checked out by the St. John's Ambulance.

Puppy Isla meets Isla on July 26- - 

- - and another Isla and her Mom on July 27.

Adele and new friend.

Adele and two more new friends.

Clare is ready for action!

Isla not so much.

Adele with one of the dancers in full costume.
Final "Goodbye" from Isla's new friends.
"See you next year!"

June's birthday card - June 13, 2014.

Our friends Anne and Tony recently sent a birthday card to June. As usual, a Golden was featured. Here it is.



Phyllis' litter reunion - May 24, 2014

Phyllis delivered 14 pups on December 29, 2013. We held a reunion these pups and their owners today. The pups looked great and enjoyed their time at the pond and walking in the field. Our congratulations to all the owners on the good job they are doing raising their new family members.

 Here are a few pictures.

Ellen's mother's day card - May 2014.

Ellen received a Mother's Day card from her 12 offspring and their dad Geordie. Here it is. (As the writing on the card does not look like Geordie's paw-writing, we think that Geordie's owners Linda and Alex did the work. We and Ellen thank them for their kindness.)

She was so overcome with joy that she went outside and rolled in the dirt. We were all so pleased!

Some fun pictures from previous litters.

Umm .  .  . could I have your attention please?


She's got her sister's nose.

I lost my napkin.

They've eaten themselves into a coma.

Fine, I'll put you down. There's no need to shout!

Dental exam.

Did I miss any?

Belly dancers.

New yoga position.
I just heard from Lefty. We're bustin' out at midnight!

Just so you know - you have puppy breath.

What do I do with this?

Should I chew it?

Or should I carry it?
Maybe I should lie on it?

Or maybe I'll find treats in it!

I give up.
Posted 20140414

Phyllis has retired.

Phyllis was born on May 11, 2010. She is a great dog and gave us much pleasure and two excellent litters of 12 and 14 pups. Of these, two were kept here as potential breeding dogs - Claire from the first litter and Geneva from the second. Phyllis now lives
in Orillia with our daughter and her cat Rudy. She has adjusted well and is enjoying her new life. Here are a few pictures.

Eight weeks old.

Four months old at friends' cottage.

Winning her class - Golden Specialty 2011.

First litter of 12 - 2012.

Phyllis and daughter Claire - January, 2013.

Second litter of 14 - 2013.

June with Geneva - from Phyllis' second litter.

Leaving for life in Orillia with Holly.
June, Claire and Geneva say "Goodbye".
Posted 20140408

New Show Champions

Two Setherwood males received their show championships in February, 2014.

Setherwood Bosch "Ryker" (born December 2, 2012, a son of Phyllis and Trip) became a show champion on February 17. This is an outstanding achievement for such a young dog and his owner Cathy. During the showing season, Ryker won Best Puppy at the Golden Retriever Specialty show in August, 2013 as well as Best Puppy in the sporting group in Lindsay in the fall. 

Setherwood Xact Tracing "Trace", a son of Hazel and Sonny, born November 30, 2011, achieved his Show Championship on February 21, 2014. He was shown to this title exclusively by his owner Audrey. The competition is always very strong in Goldens so this new title is a real tribute to Audrey and Trace.

In both cases, the dogs were handled exclusively by their owners, often against other dogs being handled by professionals. We congratulate Cathy and Ryker,  and Audrey and Trace, on these excellent results.  

Ch Setherwood Bosch

Ch Setherwood Xact Tracing
Posted 20140225

Wedding bells - February 2014.

Setherwood Andiamo "Oakley" was born on December 7, 2007. He and his owner went to many obedience trials and earned several titles. But recently Oakley had a most important assignment. He was the ring-bearer at his mistress' wedding. He looked so handsome in his tux and performed his task perfectly. Congratulations to all.

Morning walk - December 26, 2013.

We all enjoy our daily walks in the forest and the open field. Today, conditions were perfect - about -5C, no wind, light snowfall and the ice from the recent storm still glistening on the branches. As always, the dogs found lots to do.

There are several trails through the forest and we don't always follow the same route. When we come to a point where paths cross, most of the dogs go one way or another. Meryl is the exception. She will watch us as we approach an intersection until she can see which way we plan to go and then she will happily go that way.

These pictures were taken this morning between 7:30 and 8:15. We hope that you enjoy them.

Enjoying one of the forest trails.

Eating ice from a branch.

The contestants.

Ellen won!

I guess the branch needed pruning?

Phyllis with pups on-board.

Meryl: "Which way are we going???"

Claire surveying her domain.

Sophie puppies' reunion - December 7, 2013.

We like to invite the owners and their pups for a visit when the pups are about 6 months old. Today, Sophie, her 6 puppies and their owners came for their reunion. The weather cooperated so we were able to walk in the field and the woods and enjoy some time inside as well. It is obvious that all of these pups are much loved family members and that their owners are keeping them in good health. Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Field trip.

Sophie and one of her staff.

Treat time is the best time.

A great group with Sophie 3rd from the left.

The pups have changed a lot since they left us in early August. Here are their pictures then and now.

A sad tale - December 4, 2013.

Meryl was expecting a litter near the end of November. An ultrasound done on October 30 showed one pup for sure and maybe a second. We did another ultrasound on November 20 which confirmed that there was just one pup.

Meryl delivered her pup today (December 4) at about 4 am. Unfortunately, it was stillborn. We are giving Meryl extra care to help her adjust but expect no complications.

Meryl on December 4 - recovery mode.

Caledon Dog Show - November 29, 2013.

Prior to this show, Ellen had won 9 of the 10 points needed for her show championship. It was a great day as she won Best of Breed which finished her show championship. Here are a few pictures.

Lined up for the judge.
Next to be examined.
Do you think she won?

Ellen - new champion!

We also entered Claire in the puppy class, more for experience than any expectation of a win. Despite that, she won Best Puppy Golden, then Best Puppy in the sporting group. She then competed for Best Puppy in Show but was not chosen. It was a great success for her first time at a show of this calibre. Hopefully, there are more successes to come.

Claire - Best Puppy in Group.
Setherwood Caramia "Rupert" - October, 2013.

Rupert was born on March 6, 2013 as part of Meryl's first litter. We had planned to keep him until he reached 3 months of age to provide initial training after which he was to go to his new owner. Due to unexpected circumstances, he stayed with us for a further 4 months. His owner took delivery on October 13.

Rupert has been a delight to raise and train. We know that he has a great life ahead.

Meryl and new litter born March 6, 2013
Eight weeks old.

Ten weeks old with some big dogs.
Learning bad habits from Kia.

Three months old - first visit to see Dr. Wayne.

My good health is now a matter of record.

I love my walks!

So what do I do now?

Five months old and very handsome.

Six months old with mom Meryl (right).

Rose and Hazel have retired - October, 2013.

It is always a bitter-sweet time for us when one of our girls retires from life at Setherwood and goes on to bring happiness to another family. This time, there were two - Rose and Hazel - who had finished their jobs here. Rose now lives in Ottawa with a very active person which is great as Rose loves to run and play. Hazel loves children so she should be very happy living with a Newmarket family that includes three young boys. We know that, in each case, the girls will be treated with love and kindness.

Here are pictures of these girls as they left us.

Ch Dove Cottage Setherwood Rose RN, GCN

Rose and her new owner.

Farewell Rose!

Ch Setherwood Hazelle  RN, TD, CGN

Hazel with new family.

Hazel with her pups, all staying at Setherwood.
Left to right: Francine, Mara, Hazel and Adele.

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Gathering - July 2013.

The Golden Retriever originated on the Scottish Highland estate of Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Baron Tweedmouth. His goal was to create a breed of hunting dogs better suited to retrieving water birds and upland game. He first bred a yellow Wavy-coated Retriever (named "Nous") to a Tweed Water Spaniel ("Belle") in 1868. The resulting four pups (named Crocus, Ada, Cowslip and Primrose) were used in his breeding program.
Between 1868 and 1890, Baron Tweedmouth methodically line-bred from these pups using another Tweed Water Spaniel and outcrosses of two black Retrievers, an Irish Setter and a sandy-coloured Bloodhound. The result, after years of careful selection and breeding, was the Golden Retriever.

Baron Tweedmouth's estate was called "Guisachan" and is located about 200 miles north of Glasgow near the village of Tomich. In July, 2013, the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland held a "gathering" of 222 Goldens from all over the world at that location. Here are a few pictures.

Photo of the manor in it's prime.
The "gathering" with the manor ruins in the background.
Show judging in progress.

One of the 222 participants.

We were able to visit the site during our trip to Scotland in 2008. The weather for our visit was perfect - misty with a light drizzle. Here are two pictures.

Front view of the manor ruin.

June with a different view of the manor in the background - an emotional time.

And finally, one more picture from the "gathering". It shows a woman as she prepares to launch a frozen haggis down a grassy lane in the Haggis Hurling Competition. Haggis - the national dish of Scotland - is a mix of sheep heart, liver and lungs encased in a sheep stomachThis really should be made an Olympic sport!

Great form!

July 3, 2013 - Congratulations are in order!

When Cathy took Setherwood Bosch "Ryker" home on January 21, she thought that she might like to enter him in conformation shows. As she had no previous experience, she took a few show handling and grooming lessons and entered him in two shows.  In the second show held today, Ryker beat older dogs to gain two points toward his show championship. He also won best Golden puppy and then went on to beat all the other sporting dog puppies. This was a great win for any dog and handler but particularly for two beginners. We are proud of them both.

Ryker is a son of Ch. Setherwood Phyllis RN and Ch. Dove Cottage Daytripper.

Cathy and family with Ryker,
Phyllis litter pick-up day - January 21, 2013.

Cathy and Ryker at the Lindsay dog show - July 3.
Best puppy in sporting group.