Our retirement plans

A few years ago, we decided to initiate a retirement plan by lowering the number of girls that we kept. Since then we have not kept any replacement pups from their retiring mothers and now we have only two girls - Millie and Tilda. We hope they will be able to have another litter or two each, after which we will be fully retired.

We do already have a full list of families waiting for one on our pups.  As a result, we will not be taking any more names for the waiting list. There are many fine Golden breeders who are younger and have years to go. Goldens are in good hands.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our longtime hobby and passion raising Goldens and we thank all of you for your interest in Setherwood Golden Retrievers.


June bought her first Golden in 1960 and has enjoyed their company ever since. Her first dog was a male named "Reid's Goldrange Blonde Bomber" who did well in the show and obedience rings. His stud fees helped to pay for her years at University. After graduation we were able to welcome several Goldens (and four children) into our home.

The name Setherwood comes from a west coast grain which is a beautiful golden colour. We have held this kennel name since 1967 and have been registering puppies under this name since 1972.

The adults are more than just our breeding stock. They are also our friends. We routinely keep between 6-10 adult females all of whom spend time with us in the house. 


Our goal has been to produce family pets. We do enter several dog shows each year but show winnings are not the major consideration when selecting which dogs we will breed. The father and mother's temperament and physical soundness are of much more importance to us and to those who will make one of our pups a family member.  

We do not have our own stud dogs. Instead we prefer to breed our females to the best males we can find so that the resulting puppies have excellent temperaments and are structurally sound. These males are not necessarily the most titled but are the ones who compliment our females' strengths and improve any weaknesses. 


Our home and kennels are situated on 50 rolling acres just east of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. The heated kennel building opens onto enclosed runs which lead to large exercise compounds. We take all the dogs out for at least three daily walks through the wooded area and in the 20 acre field, and in summer for a swim in the pond. They normally stay outside during the day but every evening and night they are in the house with us or in their own "dog room" where the pups are born and raised.  Please click HERE for pictures.

Your Experience

Once the puppies are born we usually have visiting hours on the week-ends. As the pups grow we encourage visiting families to play with the pups and watch them develop. This makes the selection process much easier.

When the pups are about 8 weeks old we give a "New Puppy Seminar" at our home to help the new owners with the feeding, training and general management of their new family member. We are also happy to talk to any owner who has questions or needs help after the puppy has gone home. It is our goal that each family knows how to raise the puppy and that all their questions are answered.

We provide a booklet that has copies of the following:

  • Medical clearances of both parents;
  • A complete pedigree;
  • Microchip numbers and Canadian Kennel Club registration certificate;
  • Photos of both parents;
  • Information to help with puppy training.

New puppy seminar.

At last - pick-up day!

Contact Information


Phone: 905-852-7365