Tilda and Spinnaker - 5 girls and 4 boys born June 29, 2019.

Grand Ch Setherwood Tilda

Tilda is a beautiful mid-size girl with a thick lustrous coat, dark pigmentation and a very sweet soft expression. She is a gentle girl and a pleasure to have in our family. She finished her show championship and grand championship easily and was always in the ribbons. She has all her clearances.

Grand Ch Feli Fey Flying Dutchman "Spinnaker"

Spinnaker was born in England at the Xanthes kennels. His pedigree combines top English and Dutch lines. He is a gentle and confident dog with a beautiful cream coat. He was campaigned as a show dog in England and Italy before moving to Canada as a 3 year old. He finished his Canadian grand championship easily. He has all his health clearances.

Birthday - June 29, 2019.

Tilda delivered her first pup at 7:35 am and the last at 1:40 pm. The birth weights ranged from 13.5 to 17.5 ounces which is normal. All were vigorous and nursed well. Tilda was calm and did a great job although she paid no attention to each pup as it was born. Apparently, cleanup was not in her job description. Fortunately, it is in ours!

Here are pictures taken after the last pup had been delivered.

Tilda and her nine.

Nursing well.

I need a holiday!

Almost two weeks old - July 11, 2019.

Tilda and her pups are doing well. The pups are growing as expected. Two of the females (with collars) were a bit smaller that the others so the four biggest ones have to spend some time in a green bin to allow the others better access to Mum.

The pups' eyes are developing and should be opening in the next few days.

We need a bigger kitchen.

The smaller ones.

Tank and friends.

Call me "Stretch".

Eat and sleep - that's it.

Three weeks plus a day - July 21, 2019.

The pups are now on their feet and playing with each other. Tilda still nurses them but is less attentive, preferring to spend time away from them and with us and the other dogs.

As the pups seemed ready for solid food
(Royal Canin starter kibble soaked until mushy) we tried a feeding. They all ate immediately and continued until it was all gone. This will give them increased nutrition and will help Tilda to maintain her weight over the next few weeks of nursing.

Here are pictures taken today.

I smell something good!

Every pup for him and her self!

Don't leave any!

I failed manners school.

Now we clean each other.

You really should use a bib.

There's something in there.

I think it's food!

Just a bit further . . .

My mistake. It's just your epiglottis.

Tired after all that eating.

That was good but Mama's better!

Visitors - July 21, 2019.

Some of the new owners visited and were able to cuddle the pups. Tilda kept watch. Here are a few pictures.

And here is proud Mama Tilda.

New facilities - July 25, 2019.

Today started normally for Tilda and her pups. Then everything changed. As the pups were beginning to look over the side of the whelping box, it was time to move them to new quarters. So the whelping box was removed and the area was set up to house the pups until they leave us.  Tilda will not stay with them all the time but will nurse them three times each day. We will give them two feedings of solid food each day. The number of nursings will decrease each week while the number of solid meals will increase until the pups are completely weaned at about 7 weeks of age.

Here we are in our transport vehicle.

I am NOT in favour!

Do you think we'll need our passports?

The new house is ready.

Our human Mama helps us in.

First we explore.

Then we personalize.

This is our toilet (which we obviously don't use yet).

Watch the last step!
This is our spacious and comfortable bed.

This is where we sleep.

 The best part!

Visitors - July 28, 2019.

This was the first time the pups were able to play with the visitors. A fun time for all.

Mug Shots - August 1, 2019.

The pups are now wearing the coloured collars that will identify them until they leave us. Here they are showing their serious faces.

Miss Purple

Miss Pink

Miss Yellow

Miss Turquoise

Miss Green

Mr Red

Mr White

Mr Blue

Mr Black

First time outside - August 11.

Today the pups met their visitors in the outside puppy pen. The weather was perfect and both pups and visitors enjoyed their time together. The pups adapted quickly, spending their time being cuddled, wrestling with each other, playing in the water bowls, crawling through the tunnel and of course falling asleep. Here are a few pictures.

Visitors - August 18.

The pups were matched to their new owners this past week. Here are pictures of bonding in progress.

The pups really enjoyed their time outside. They played in their water, lay in the dirt and finally fell asleep.

It's my water bed.

I might be just a bit grubby.

I'm really quite ticklish.

Really? It's for drinking? 

I'm looking for my phone.

Sorry. Haven't seen it!

Tunnel vision.

The end of a perfect day.

Vet exam - August 19.

Dr. Dan of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital came today to give each pup a physical exam and first vaccination. Here is Miss Yellow going through the process. 

First physical exam.

Heart check.

First vaccines.

Good health and ready to go.

Going home - August 24, 2019.

The pups are ready to go to their new homes. They have completed the course - weaning, parasite control, much socializing, veterinary exam, first vaccinations and microchips. They are completely ready for a new adventure.

So their new owners arrived for the seminar and then, one by one, they took possession of their new family members. It was an exciting time for all. It's always bitter-sweet for us but we know that all of these pups are going to great homes where they will be much-loved. We thank each family for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Here are pictures of the pups as they leave us. 

Setherwood Escapade "Dash" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood Easton "Sammy" (Mr Red)

Setherwood Ebeneezer "Winston" (Mr Black)

Setherwood Emma "Piper" (Miss Turquoise)

Setherwood Elleanor "June" (Miss Green)
Setherwood Emma-Raye "Emma" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood Embassy "Emba" (Mr Blue)
Setherwood Edith "Katie" (Miss Purple).

Setherwood Everglades "Tiller" (Mr White)

And here are a few shots of the pups just before they take the trip home.

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