Millie and Kygo - 6 females and 5 males born July 12, 2019.

Setherwood Mildred "Millie"

Millie has a light colour easy-care coat. She has the perfect Golden temperament - happy, loves people and dogs and is always willing to please. She has health clearances for hips, elbows, heart and eyes. 

Ch O'Quince's Stole The Show at Bowbell "Kygo"

Kygo was imported as a puppy from the O'Quince kennels of Indiana, USA, by Bowbell kennels of Port Hope, Ontario. He comes from a long and distinguished line of titled Goldens from the show and obedience rings. He is a mid-sized boy with a medium-coloured easy-care coat. He has very dark eyes and pigmentation. He achieved his Canadian show championship handled exclusively by his owner. He has health clearances for hips, elbows, heart and eyes. 

Kygo has sired several litters of puppies whose outstanding quality is their easy-going and biddable nature.

Birthday - July 12, 2019

Millie began labour at about noon and delivered her first pup at 1:25 pm. At 7:45 pm she delivered number 8. She still had 8 by 10:15 even though there were more pups to deliver. After consulting with Dr. Doner at the Beaverton Vet Services, the final 3 were delivered by C-section. Millie came through the surgery without problem. 

Millie is nursing and cleaning her pups and the pups are nursing well. Their average birth weight was just over 1 pound which is normal. To be sure that all the pups have access to milk, we are keeping 5 in a heated green bin while the smallest pup and the remaining 5 are with Millie. Every hour, we switch (the smallest pup stays with Millie). Millie will have all 11 during the night and we will check her at about 3 am to be sure that all is OK, let her out and give her a few snacks.

Here are pictures taken on July 13.

Millie and 6 under the heat lamp.

5 in the bin.

Nine days old - July 21, 2019.

Millie and her 11 pups are doing well. She is still attentive, spending most of her time in the whelping box, feeding and cleaning. The pups are growing and developing normally. The two pups wearing collars were smaller but have caught up with the others so we will soon remove the collars. We are still keeping a few in the green bin to allow the others better access to the milk and rotating each hour during the day. Millie has all 11 at night and we check on her each night at about 2:30 am.

First feeding - July 21, 2019.

Pre-meal nap.

What IS this?

Early adapters.

We're all in!

And I really am "all in".

I'd really prefer my Mama.

Millie and her 11.

New facilities - August 7.

The pups were 3 weeks and 5 days old when we decided that they needed more space. So we removed the whelping box and reorganized the space that they will live in until Tilda's pups have left. After that, they will have both spaces until they leave us.

As usual, the pups soon adjusted to the new area. Millie will nurse them on a schedule and we will feed them solid food.
The number of nursings will decrease each week while the number of solid meals will increase until the pups are completely weaned at about 7 weeks of age.

Millie and all 11 pups are doing well.

There's a whole new world out there.

First time on the floor.

The new place is ready.

The inmates have arrived.

Not everyone was pleased.

Potty training.
First encounter with the water bowl.All were happy to eat!

Mug shots - August 9.

The pups were given the coloured collars we will use to identify them until they leave us. Here are their pictures.

Miss Red.
Miss Turquoise.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Lime Green.

Miss Purple.

Miss Pink.

Mr Green.

Mr Blue.

Mr Brown.

Mr Black.

Mr White.

Update - August 24, 2019.

The pups are six weeks old and are doing well. They are completely weaned, energetic, inquisitive and confident. We are seeing their personalities develop as they interact with us, visitors and each other.  As Tilda's pups are leaving for their new homes, Millie's pups now have twice as much space as before.

Today's visitors were able to meet the pups in the outside pen. Although it was the pups' first time outside, they adapted quickly and soon were doing all the things that puppies do - emptying the water bowls, digging holes (then sleeping in them), chewing sticks, pulling weeds and undoing visitors' shoe laces. Some might have been a bit grubby by the end of the time (spilled water mixed with dirt seems to have that effect). And of course there was lots of cuddling and snoozing. Great fun!

Vet exam - August 30, 2019.

Dr. Dan of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to check each pup and give the first set of shots. Mr Black reluctantly agreed to give his account of this very important process.

I'll do it but you owe me!

Joints - OK.

Ears - OK.

Eyes - I guess I should have opened them.

Teeth - OK.

All I'll say here is that I have two.

First vaccines - OUCH but OK.

Sure! Easy for him to smile.

Going home - September 7, 2019.

The pups' day began as usual - breakfast, some time playing while the pen was cleaned and then a snooze. But soon many visitors arrived to attend the seminar and then take the pups to their new homes. The pups have been weaned, vet-checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, socialized and matched to their new owners. They are completely ready for this adventure.

It is a bitter-sweet time for us as we always enjoy our time with each group but we know that all the pups are going to people who will give them the love and care they deserve. Our thanks to yet another group of great owners. We have enjoyed meeting and getting to know them and we thank them for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Here are pictures of the pups with their new owners.

It looked like a normal day until the visitors came.

Then they all went to the seminar (whatever that is).

And then we knew - it's pickup day!

Setherwood Finnians Golden Boy "Finn" (Mr Black)

Setherwood Fireball "Whiskey" (Mr Blue)

Setherwood Feebee "Oakley" (Miss Turquiose)

Setherwood Faythe "Gracie" (Miss Lime Green)

Setherwood Fleur Luna "Luna" (Miss Red)

Setherwood Frankie "Douglas" (Mr Brown)

Setherwood Freighter "Laker" (Mr Green)

Setherwood Fox "Moxie" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood Fool's Golden "Mazie" (Miss Purple)

Setherwood Fearne "Maisie" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood Frontenac Henry "Henry" (Mr White)

Oakley's owner made a personalized bandanna for each pup in the colour of the pup's collar. She also made them for the Setherwood adults. This was a very nice gesture that was much appreciated.

Here are a few more pictures.

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