Isla and Ty - 9 pups (7 males, 2 females) born January 9, 2018.

Setherwood Isla

Isla is from the same general line as Geneva but is smaller and more compact. She finished her show championship in August of 2017 (click HERE for details). She is happy and outgoing. As her mate Ty is quite dark in colour, we expect to get a good range of gold in this litter.

Isla has clearances for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, detectable heart defects and eye cataracts. Please click HERE for her pedigree. 

Ch Meliagolds Merci For Being You "Ty"

Ty is a mid-sized boy with a beautiful head and expression. His coat is dark gold, straight and easy-care. His nature is confident and outgoing - the perfect outlook on life. His pedigree contains some of the oldest Canadian and American lines. He and Isla produced beautiful healthy puppies last time and we expect them to do the same again.

Ty has clearances for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, detectable heart defects and eye cataracts. Please click HERE for his pedigree.

Birthday - January 9, 2018.

Isla began contractions at about 2 am on January 9. The first pup was born at 2:36 am and the last at 7:40. Eight of the pups weighed close to 15 ounces at birth while the 9th weighed just 6 ounces. All were vigorous and nursed well. As of 3:30 pm on January 10, Isla and all 9 pups were doing well.

January 8 - getting ready for delivery.

January 9 - Isla and her litter of 9.

One week old - January 16, 2018.

Isla is doing a great job with her pups. Since she has 9 and Geneva has 11, we gave Isla the smallest pup from Geneva's litter (he is wearing a blue collar). Isla accepted him without problem and he seems to like the change as he is nursing more vigorously.

The smallest one from Isla's litter (we call him "Zoltan the Adequate") is being supplemented and is gaining well. When he is nursing, he hangs on very tightly to avoid being dislodged by the bigger pups.

So at present, all is well.

Isla with 9 + 1.

Zoltan - no need to tell him to get a grip!

Zoltan update - January 19, 2018

His birth weight was 6 ounces. Since then he has grown and developed and weighs 1 pound 1/2 ounce today. He is doing very well.

Zoltan - 16.5 ounces of solid muscle!

Just over two weeks old - January 24.

All of Isla's pups continue to do well. Isla is eating well and is attentive and content. The pups' eyes are opening but they can't focus well yet. They are beginning to walk. All is normal.

Zoltan being given an unwanted bath.

Eyes are opening.

Just over three weeks old - February 2.

Now the fun begins. The pups can see and hear, are walking well and beginning to play. We have started feeding solid food (Royal Canin starter kibble soaked until mushy) and the pups are eating it well. This will help them with their growth and development and take some of the pressure away from Isla. As we will soon remove the whelping box, Isla has been practicing feeding the pups outside of their area (she prefers to sit during this exercise). And we recently completed the second round of de-worming meds.

Here are pictures of  recent feedings and nursing.

We plan to allow this weekend's visitors to cuddle the pups outside of the whelping area so we gave each pup a coloured collar so we can keep track of them. Here are their mug shots.

Mr Yellow

Mr Blue

Mr White

Mr Orange

Mr Black (aka Zoltan)

Mr Green

Mr Red

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Visitors - February 3.

This was the first time that the pups met their visitors on the floor. They adjusted well and some (Mr Orange and Mr Yellow in particular) were very mobile but eventually all fell asleep. Here are a few pictures.

Our first time on the floor with visitors.

So, want are we supposed to do?

This looks dangerous!

Do you like my hair-do?

Zoltan on the move!

Have we met before?

Early signs of juvenile delinquency.

I hope my crate won't be as rusty as this one.

Some are sleeping.

Actually, most are sleeping.

Visitors - February 10.

The pups will soon be 5 weeks old. They are eating well and are spending all their waking hours eating and playing. They are nursed by both Isla and Geneva twice each day and are fed solid food twice. The deworming is continuing.

Today's visitors were able to spend some quality time with the pups even when the pups were sleeping. Here are the pictures.

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