Previous litter - Adele and Crewe.

Dam - Setherwood Adeline "Adele"

Setherwood Adeline "Adele"

Adele is a very sweet and energetic girl outside but inside she is the "velcro girl", always sitting as close as possible to anyone near her. She is a bit smaller than some on the other girls, with a straight smooth gold coat and very dark pigmentation. This will be her second litter, having produced 9 pups in June of 2015.

Adele has clearances for hip displasia, detectable heart defects and eye cataracts.
Click HERE for details and for Adele's pedigree.

Sire - Ch. Bowbell's Rigged'n Ready "Crewe"

Ch. Bowbell's Rigged'n Ready "Crewe"

Crewe is a fairly big boy with a beautiful medium gold coat and excellent pigmentation. He won his show championship easily due to his wonderful structure and cheerful nature that are so obvious to all who meet him. His pedigree combines some of the good old lines from Canada and the U.S.A. He has all his clearances including an OFA Excellent rating on his hips. We are hoping that this breeding with Adele will maintain the qualities we love in her while strengthening some minor points.
Crewe has clearances for hip displasia, elbow displasia, detectable heart defects and eye cataracts. Click HERE for details and for Crewe's pedigree.

Birthday - July 4, 2016.

Adele delivered her first pup at 9:35 am and her last at 3:30 pm. Adele was a bit anxious at first but soon settled in. The births were easy and all the pups nursed soon after birth. The birth weights ranged from 13.5 to 18.5 ounces.

As of 9:30 pm, all is well.

7 am - getting ready.

10:30 am - second pup 1 minute old.

8 pm - Adele and her litter of nine.

Update - July 7, 2016.

The pups are 3 days old today and are all doing very well. Adele is nursing them full time and they are all growing as a result. The first 3 days are the most risky as the pups organs begin to function so we are pleased with their progress.

Here are 2 pictures taken today.

Update - July 14, 2016.

The pups are 10 days old and doing well. Adele is a dedicated mother who spends almost all of her time with them (although she does take the occasional break). We tried to create two shifts so she would have fewer to nurse but neither she nor the pups were happy with the arrangement. So she has kept all 9 with her and done a great job.

Here are 4 pictures taken today.

I LOVE my puppies!

The early bird gets more milk.

This can't be comfortable.

Adele - mother extraordinare!

Moving Day - July 31, 2016.

The pups spend the first 4 weeks of life in their whelping box with Mum close at hand (actually, close at mouth). Unfortunately, this can't last forever. Before the pups go to live with their new families, they must be weaned, de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and matched to their new owners. So, since the pups will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, we moved them out of the whelping box to a larger area. Adele will not be with them full-time but will nurse them on a schedule. We will also feed them solid food (Royal Canin starter ration soaked until soft). As the weeks go by, the number of nursings will be decreased and the starter feedings increased until the pups are completely weaned at about 7 weeks of age.

Here are pictures of this life-changing event.

The new facilities.

Two minutes in and they have christened the place!

Toys are for chewing.

So are towels.

OK - I give up. What's this for?

My life will never be the same!

Mug Shots - July 31, 2016.

The pups are now wearing the coloured collars that we will use to identify them until they leave us. We suggested that they should all look serious for the photos. Mr Black may not have understood.

Miss Turquoise.

Miss Green.

Miss Purple.

Miss Red.

Miss Pink.

Miss Hot Pink.

Mr White.

Mr Black.

Mr Blue.

Wow! These new collars are ITCHY!

Vet check and first vaccinations - August 24.

Hi - Miss Green here. Today, Dr. Dan of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to check each of us and give us our first set of shots.  Here is what he checked on me.

My ears (sorry about the dirt - Mr Blue's fault).

My Eyes.

Naval - or is it navel? Anyway, I mean bellybutton.



And then my first vaccination.

I was a bit worried.

But not now!  Dr Dan said that I'm fine!

Update - August 25.

The pups have spent time in the puppy pen whenever the weather allowed. Here are pictures of Adele leading her group to the pen and of some of the pups' activities.

All right pups. FOLLOW ME TO THE PEN!

Oh no - I think I'm in trouble!

Yup - I'm in trouble.

Mission accomplished!

Visitors are fun.

Tasty too.

A man on a mission!

A house is not a home 'till it's full of puppies!

I'm between a rock and a soft place!

That tunnel seemed to go on forever!

I'm looking for my 12.9" 256 GB iPad Pro.

I'm glad my new owner can't see me now.

More mug shots - August 26.

We took the first set on mug shots on July 31 when the pups were four weeks old. We took another set today. Here are both sets, showing how much they have changed over the past four weeks.

July 31, 2016.August 26, 2016












Hot Pink.







Final preparations - August 26.

The pups will leave us tomorrow so today we gave the pups their microchips and the final deworming medication. We also trimmed their toe nails. Here is Miss Turquiose as she contemplates this final indignity.

Miss Turquoise, preparing herself through meditation and deep breathing.

A final nursing - August 27.

We wanted to get a picture of Adele saying goodbye to her pups. She was quite willing but the pups had no desire to say goodbye when there appeared to be one last nursing available. Here is what happened. (We had to lift the last two out).

Going home - August 27, 2016.

It has been our privilege to spend time with Adele's litter and to get to know the wonderful people who are now welcoming these new family members into their homes.
We enjoyed meeting and getting to know them and we thank them for choosing Setherwood Goldens.
 We know that they will give these pups the love and care they deserve.

Here are the family pictures taken today.

Setherwood Ukira "Kira" (Miss Turquoise)

Setherwood Underdog "Arlie" (Mr White)

Setherwood Ulahlah "Brodie" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood Uptown Girl "Lexi" (Miss Hot Pink)

Setherwood Umatilla "Ella" (Miss Green)

Setherwood Uhtred Douglas "Dougie" (Mr Blue)

Setherwood Upsy Daisy "Daisy" (Miss Purple)

Setherwood Ulysses "Boston" (Mr Black)

Setherwood Ultimate "Riley" (Miss Red).

And here are a few more shots taken just before the pups began their first car rides.

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