Gallery - previous litter - Sophie and Trip.

Sophie delivered 7 pups (5 males and 2 females) on June 7, 2013.
As of August 4, all these pups were in their new homes.

Setherwood Annikki
Ch Dove Cottage Daytripper

Sophie is a calm, confident girl and a friend to all she meets, dogs and people. She is fairly big with a blonde straight coat and a wonderful way of talking to us. She had a litter of six last year with Trip as the father and the pups turned out very well with a nice combination of both parents in looks and temperament. Please click HERE for Trip's pedigree information and HERE for Sophie's pedigree information.

Both Sophie and Trip have clearances for hips, heart and eyes and are in excellent health.

Birthday - June 7, 2013 - 5 males and 2 females.

Sophie delivered her 7 pups on June 7 beginning at 7:45 pm. She delivered number 6 at 1:25 am and was showing all the signs that she was finished. June went to bed at 3 am.  When she checked again at 6:30 am, she found that Sophie had delivered a very small but vigorous male all by herself. As of 10:30 am on June 8, Sophie and her brood were all doing well.

Here are a few pictures. Some are red as they were taken with the heat lamp on.

First pup - 7:45 pm.

Some are interested, some not.

Five little ones - 12:40 am.

Final count - seven pups, 5 males, 2 females.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the same pup with Reginald to show how the pups are growing.

Reginald and the blonde male - birthday.

June 16 - day 9.

June 23 - day 16.

June 29 - day 22.

July 7 - day  30.

July 16 - Day 39.

July 24 - day 47.

July 30 - day 53.

June 13 update - meet Mr. Hulk.

Unfortunately, one of the male pups died on the second day, leaving Sophie with 6 pups. Of those, the last one born was a concern because he weighed only 4.5 ounces the morning after he was born (normal birth weight is about 16 ounces). Pups have to compete to feed from Mum and this pup would be unable to keep his spot when the larger pups tried to take it. So we began to bottle-feed every few hours using the Royal Canin milk replacer. Also, as pups of this age have no glucose reserves, we gave him a shot of corn syrup a few minutes before starting the feeding so that he would have the energy needed to suck. Between bottle feedings, we made sure that he was able to nurse.

As of June 13, his weight has increased to 10.5 ounces, he is nursing well and seems to be developing normally in all ways. We now feel that he is no longer at risk.

We have named him "Mr. Hulk". Here are a few pictures.

About 6 hours after birth - 4.5 oz.

Hazel giving advice about bottle feeding.

A shot of corn syrup before nursing.

He's in there!
June 10 pm - 7.0 oz.

June 13 am - 10.5 oz.

One week old

Sophie had done a great job with her pups in their first week. She is attentive and has a lot of milk so the pups are growing well. Mr. Hulk is also growing quickly and although he won't catch up to his siblings by the time he goes to his new home, he is developing normally. His weight had increased from 4.5 ounces at birth to 11.5 ounces after a week. We are still making sure that he has a good nursing spot and that his brothers and sisters don't push him away.

The pups eyes are still closed but we can see slits developing. Their eyes will be open by the end of next week.

Maternal bliss.

Mr. Hulk and friends.

June 20 update - Mr. Hulk has more bulk.

All 6 pups continue to do well. Mr. Hulk is keeping pace and now weighs 19 ounces which is more than 4 times his birth weight. We removed the inside rail today as the pups need more room in the whelping box and there is now little chance that Sophie will lie on any of them. Their eyes will be open soon.

June 20 - 1 pound, 3 ounces.

I'm their brother - and I really ain't heavy.

Two weeks old.

Sophie is doing a great job with her pups. She loves to be with them, makes sure each is fed and cared for and is patient when they climb over her.
She is eating well and shows no sign of  mastitis or any other problem. As a result, the pups are growing and developing well. Their eyes have opened and they are beginning to walk and play with each other. Mr. Hulk now weighs 24 1/2 ounces which is over 5 times his birth weight.

Sophie loves her babies.

Brothers make good pillows.

Nobody loves me.

Mr. Hulk and friends - favourite activity.

Three weeks old.

Sophie and her pups continue to do well. They are now walking and playing with each other. Sophie is still attentive to their needs but is now more willing to spend some time away. Mr. Hulk now weighs 2 pounds 3.5 ounces and is developing normally.

Nosey sisters.

I am SOOOO cute!

Mr. Hulk - 2 pounds, 3.5 ounces.

Sophie taking a well-deserved break.

And here are a few sleepers.

First feeding of solid food - July 2.

The pups were introduced to solid food today (puppy starter soaked in warm water). As is often the case with pups of this age, it was not a big hit. However, the food was eaten. Here are a few pictures.





Four weeks old.

At about 4 weeks of age, most litters try to climb out of the whelping box. This group is no exception. So we removed the whelping box and set up the new area that the pups will live in until they go to their new homes. From now on, Sophie will not sleep with them but will see them for nursing duty a few times each day. We will feed them solid food between nursings (they are eating better than at first but it's still not a hit). Each week the number of nursings will decrease while the feedings of solid food will increase until they are completely weaned by about 7 weeks of age.

I might be able to climb out!

I think I could too.

I KNOW I can!

What are you guys all talking about?

We have to move out while they renovate.

Our new home!

The pups are now wearing their new collars which will identify them until they leave. Here are their mug shots.

Mr. Black.

Mr. Blue.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Green (aka Mr. Hulk).

Miss Pink.

Miss Red.

Five weeks old.

The pups and Sophie continue to do well. The pups are eating reasonably well but still prefer Mum. The de-worming process is proceeding. Here are a few pictures.

De-worming stuff - not the best taste.

This is better but . . .

. . . when is the next nursing?

Mr. Hulk lounging by the pool.

Visiting Hours - July 14.

Today's visitors were able to spend some quality time with Sophie and her pups. This helps to socialize the pups and allows the prospective owners to know them better. It was a great time for all concerned.

Six weeks old.

The pups were outside for the first time during the July 21 visiting hours. As the weather permits, they will spend more time in the puppy run. They are eating solid food with enthusiasm and still nurse twice each day. Next week they will receive their vet checks and first vaccinations. The selection process is almost complete so the new owners will soon know which pup they will take home.

First time outside.

I like this green stuff.

You can call me "stretch".

I am one cool dude!

Seven weeks old.

We are nearing the time that these pups will go to their new homes. They are almost weaned (Sophie is refusing to quit!), have received their first vet checks and vaccinations and have been chosen by their owners. We will give them their microchips soon. They are eating well and are ready for a new adventure.

All eating well.

Heart check by Dr. Wayne Cole from
Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital.

First vaccination.

Miss Red - ready for her new home.

The pups spent visiting hours on July 28 outside in the puppy area. They entertained the visitors with a den-digging demonstration. Here are the recommended steps.

1. Find a good site.

2. Start excavation.

3. Find a helper.

4. Find more helpers.

5. Discipline any slackers.

6. Inspect the finished product.

7. Share your achievement (and dirty face) with your new owner.

8. Move in and relax.

Mr Hulk - then and now.

We are very pleased with Mr. Hulk's development - from a birth weight of 4.5 ounces to a fully developed, normal puppy at 7 weeks of age. He will be leaving us on August 2 to start his life with his new owners. Great job Mr. H!

June 8 - 4.5 ounces.

July 29 - 7 pounds 3 ounces.

Eight weeks old - Going Home.

The time has finally come. The pups have been weaned, de-wormed, vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and chosen by their new owners. They are now ready to begin their lives in new homes. It is a happy - and a bit scary - time for pups and owners and a bitter-sweet time for us. It was a pleasure for us to meet another group of great people. We know that they will give these pups the love and attention they need. We thank them for choosing Setherwood Golden Retrievers.

Here are pictures taken as the pups leave us.

Setherwood Doubloon "Tacoma"  (Mr. Hulk)

Setherwood Dawson "Jax" (Mr. Blue)

Setherwood Dax "Luna" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood Demeter "Ginny" (Miss Red)

Setherwood Draper  "Draper" (Mr. Black)

Setherwood Dallas "Ryder" (Mr. Purple)

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