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Rose delivered 8 pups (5 males and 3 females) on June 24, 2013. All of these pups have been reserved. They will go to new homes about August 18. 

Ch Dove Cottage Setherwood Rose RN, CGN

Am/Can Ch Summits Fireline Takes 2 To Tango "Rumba"

Rose is a smaller, short-coupled girl with a lustrous gold coat, excellent movement and a happy, outgoing and optimistic nature. She got her show championship and two obedience titles before she was two years old. This is her second litter.

Rose was bred to American and Canadian Champion Summit's Fireline Takes 2 To Tango, known as "Rumba" to his friends. He will be an excellent match for Rose as he is a good sized dog who produces pups with great bone, nice temperaments, beautiful faces, nice toplines and good coat. We expect these pups to have great dispositions and excellent structure. Please click HERE for Rumba's pedigree information and HERE for Rose's pedigree information.

Both Rose and Rumba have clearances for hips, heart and eyes and are in excellent health.

Birthday - June 24, 2013.

Rose delivered 8 pups ( 5 males and 3 females) between 5:25 pm and 10:15 pm. The birth weights ranged from 13.5 to 15.5 ounces. There were no complications, the pups were vigorous and all nursed soon after birth. As of 11:15 pm, all was well.

Early labour -  the towels must be re-arranged.

Rose - the green bin is for puppies, not for you!

First pup - a girl at 5:25 pm.

Rose with her 8 good ones.

Mutiny at Setherwood!

To show how the pups are growing, we usually post a weekly picture of one of the pups sitting on or near a toy. For several litters, we used a toy named Reginald. As we prepared to do the same for Rose's litter, Reginald informed us that he was not prepared to do more than one litter at a time and as he was already doing Sophie's litter, he would not do another. No amount of persuasion from us would budge him. Fortunately, we were able to find a replacement at this late date. He is Reginald's first cousin Winchester and he was thrilled to be asked. So, here are the "Watch them grow" pictures starring the blond female and Winchester.

Reginald said "No way! One litter is plenty!"

Winchester said "Sounds like fun - let's do it!"

Blond pup and Winchester -Birthday, 14 oz.

July 1 - day  7.

July 9 - day  15.

July 16 - day 22.

July 24 - day 30.

July 31 - day 37.

August 5 - Day 42.

August 26 - day 63.

June 29 update.

Right from birth, these pups have nursed with great enthusiasm. As a result, they are growing quickly. The litter is quite uniform in size, colour and confirmation. All is well.

Dreaming of lunch.

The dream came true.

One week old.

The pups are doing very well. They are aggressive feeders so they are all able to compete for nursing spots. As Rose has a lot of milk, the pups are growing as expected. Their eyes will open at about two weeks of age.  

One week old and doing well.

Rose and her brood of thugs.

Two weeks old.

This group of pups is exceptionally vigorous and advanced for their age. Their eyes have opened and they are already walking. They have continued to nurse aggressively. Rose is spending more time away from them but is always there when feeding and cleaning are needed. 

It's a big job - and Rose is doing it.

Applying a little TLC.

They can sleep on her leg.

And on her back.

Eyes open.

Already walking.

Three weeks old.

The pups continue to thrive. They are growing really well, are walking quite steadily and spend most of their waking time playing (when they are not nursing). Rose still feeds and cleans them but feels that her job description does not require her presence beyond these duties. She spends most of her time outside the whelping box or with us. As the pups are now too big to nurse easily when Rose is lying down, she usually nurses them while sitting. Next week we will begin the de-worming process and will try them with solid food.

It's a full house now!

Tell me again - what am I looking for?

At least I have one friend.


Either something is funny or I'm tired.

Some days I just don't feel valued.

Mug shots - July 17.

We gave the pups the first de-worming treatment today.  We also put coloured collars on them so we can identify them easily. From now on, they will be known as "Mr. Black", "Miss Yellow" and so on. Here are their mug shots.

Miss Pink.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Orange.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Green.

Mr. Black.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Blue Paisley.

First feeding - July 18.

We tried the pups with solid food for the first time today and it was a great success.  The food is Royal Canin starter, soaked in hot water until mushy with some milk replacer and canned food added. This begins the weaning process which will end when the pups are fully weaned at about 7 weeks of age. Here are a few pictures.

Come and get it!

We think they like it.

First in and last out.

Great job!

Now a little face wash.

Did I miss any?

Four weeks old.

The pups were moved out of the whelping box to give them more room and to begin to train them to use the wood shavings. Rose is still nursing them and we are feeding them solid food twice each day. They have taken to these meals well.  We started the deworming process and are allowing them time to play in the dog room each day. Their development is on schedule and there are no problems.

There is a clown in every group.

Feeding time is the best!!

I'm about to shake a leg!

We love to cuddle.

We get clean toys every day.

Early signs of juvenile delinquency.

Five weeks old.

The pups continue to develop as expected. The weaning process is moving along and Rose is still feeding them twice each day. The pups are loving the solid food and eat it in record time. They spent time with the visitors and Hazel's pups last Sunday and had a great time. Everything is good.

We LOVE this stuff!
Visiting hours with Hazel's pups - July 28.
Recently learned exit strategy.
Life is grand!

Six weeks old.

Rose's pups are moving through the weaning process. Rose has been nursing them twice and we were feeding them soaked puppy food three times each day. Next week they will still eat three puppy food meals each day but they will nurse only once.

The good weather allowed the pups to meet Sunday's visitors outside. They enjoyed exploring a new area.

A beautiful day for visitors.

This dog house is HUGE!

I think it's called a stick.

Puppies on the rocks.

Eight weeks old - going home.

Rose's pups are ready to start the next chapter of their lives. We have given them all that we can. They have been weaned, dewormed, vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and chosen. After weeks of waiting, their new owners can now take them home. It has been our pleasure to meet these owners and we thank them for chosing Setherwood. We hope that they will keep in touch and let us know how their most recent family members fare.

Here are pictures of the pups as they leave us.

Setherwood Emmett "Quincey" (Mr. Green).   

Setherwood Eve "Evie" (Miss Pink).

Setherwood Elvis "Jasper" (Mr. Black).

Setherwood Enric "Gryffin" (Mr. Purple).

Setherwood Epping "Buster" (Mr. Paisley).

Setherwood Epic Elvis "Flash" (Mr. Blue Check).

Setherwood Eloise "Weezer" (Miss Orange).

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