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Rose and D. J. - 5 males and 4 females born April 3, 2012

All of the pups in this litter have been reserved. They will be ready to go to their new homes on May 27.

Ch Setherwood Rose RN, CGN

Ch Bowbell's Hustle'n Flow "D. J."

Rose's journey to motherhood

April 3, 2012 - 10 am

All was prepared for the arrival of Rose's pups. Rose was showing the very early signs of labour - not eating, panting and being unsettled. This can last for a day or two or can progress quickly to the next level. We were watching her closely to be sure we would be with her when real labour started. 

We are ready - whelping box, towels, scale, etc.

April 3 - 2 pm

Rose's journey took an unexpected turn. She began the real labour stage about 2 pm but had difficulty delivering the first pup despite many hard contractions. June took her to the Uxbridge Veterinary Clinic where she delivered 5 boys and 4 girls with considerable help. Our thanks to Dr. Dan and all who helped her - we could NOT have done this without you!

The birth weights averaged 13.6 ounces (from 11 to 16 ounces).

April 3 - 10 pm - the end of a stressful but productive day.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the same puppy beside a favourite toy so that you see how the pups are growing.

Day 1 - 11 oz.

Day 8 - 22 oz.

Day 15 - 2 lb, 2 oz.

Day 22 - 3 lb.

Day 29 - 3 lb, 10 oz.

Day 36 - 4 lb 15 oz.

Day 43 - 6 lb, 11 oz.

Day 49 - 8 lb, 15 oz!

One week old

Rose is doing a great job. Her pups are growing quickly (they weigh almost twice what they did at birth) and are quite mobile. They are quiet pups which shows that they are well fed and comfortable.

Rose and her 9 chunkers!

A picture of contentment.

Two weeks old

Rose's pups have continues to grow and develop without problem. Their eyes are opening so they will soon begin to play with each other. They will be able to hear in the next week.

Eight groupies and a loner.

Eyes opening - right on schedule.

Three weeks old

The pups can see and hear and are beginning to play. They have found their voices and use them at top volume when they are hungry and Rose is ignoring them. 
Actually Rose is doing a great job but is beginning to realize that staying with them full time is not her only option.

Umm .  .  . could I have your attention please?

Sitting is easier!

At about 3 weeks we introduce the pups to solid food (puppy food soaked in hot water until mushy). Often pups at this age are less than keen but these pups thought it was great.

Four weeks old

Most litters of pups are trying to climb out of the whelping box by 4 weeks of age and Rose's pups were no exception. So today (April 30), we removed the box and re-arranged their area for the next stage of their development. We will now begin the weaning process and train them to relieve themselves in the wood shavings. Each day they will be allowed to play in the main area of the room and to interact directly with visitors. 

Does anyone know where we are going?

This is great - lots of room and toys too!

These sides are murder.

What IS this stuff?

Rose will no longer be with them full-time (Rose is SOOO pleased) but will feed them 3 times each day for the next week. Then we will reduce her feedings and increase the feedings of solid food over time so that the pups are completely weaned by the time they are 6 weeks old.

It's a jungle under here!
It's a jungle under there!

Visiting Hours - May 6.

There was a great turnout for today's visiting hours! 

Full house!

May 7 - Recipe for a great puppy area.


1. Large blanket or sheet.
2. Large bath towel (with or without holes).
3. Litter box.
4. 1/4 bag of wood shavings.

5. Water bowl, water included.
6. Clean puppy toys.
7. Puppies, 4 to 8 weeks old, any number.


1. Clean area thoroughly. Place the litter box in the area. Add the wood shavings. Leave fluffy.

2. Place blanket, towel, toys and water bowl neatly in the area.

3. Add puppies one at a time, placing each one       carefully on the blanket. Leave for several hours.

4. No need to mix - the ingredients do that all by     themselves!

Five weeks old.

The pups are progressing well. They were nursing 3 times each day during the fifth week and will now be nursed morning and evening only.  They are eating solid food well and are continuing to grow as expected. They are being de-wormed and are now wearing coloured collars, being referred to as"Mr. Green", "Miss Scarlet", etc. Although not perfect, they are making good use of the wood shavings.

They are also becoming more socialized as we interact with them and as they spend time with the visitors. As they play with each other, we are seeing their personalities develop.

Rose is responding well to the weaning process and seems to be quite pleased to be back with her more adult friends.

Rose's twice daily duty.

Nine pup pile-up.

A little snooze around the water cooler.

June and friends.

Six weeks old

The weaning process is complete. The pups are eating solid food well and are continuing to grow as expected. The de-worming is continuing. Next week the pups will receive their vet checks and first vaccinations and will be given their microchips.

The pups were introduced to chew strips which they really enjoyed. Their
reactions to the availability of this tasty treat showed a basic law of economic theory in action.


Seven weeks old - preparing for a new life.

One of the most important items in the seventh week is the visit from one of the veterinarians at the Uxbridge Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Wayne Cole visited on May 24 to give each pup his and her first health check and vaccination. Here are a few pictures of Mr. Burgundy as he goes through the process.

Dr. Cole prepares the vaccines.

First Mr. B's eyes are checked,
then his teeth,
front joints,
and rear joints.
Then, he is given his first vaccination.

Mr. Burgundy says "Thanks Dr. Cole. I feel great!"

Going Home!

The time has finally come. The pups have been weaned, de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and chosen by their new owners. They are now ready to begin their lives in new homes. It is a happy - and a bit scary - time for pups and owners and a bitter-sweet time for us. It was a pleasure for us to meet each of you. We know that you will give these pups the love and attention they need and that they, in turn, will give you years of enjoyment. Thank you for choosing Setherwood Golden Retrievers.

Here are pictures taken as the pups leave us. (There are 3 more to come).

Setherwood Yosemite Sam "Sam" (Mr. Blue).

Setherwood Yoda "Max" (Mr. White).
Setherwood Yukon Gold"Dawson"(Mr. Burgundy)
Setherwood Yahweh "Glory" (Miss Purple).

Setherwood Yan "Mia" (Miss Scarlet).
Setherwood Yukon "Blake" (Mr. Brown).

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