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Hazel delivered 9 pups (4 males and 5 females) on June 30, 2013.
All of these pups have been reserved and will go to new homes about August 25. 

Ch Setherwood Hazelle  RN, TD, CGN "Hazel"

Am/Can Ch Summits Fireline Takes 2 To Tango "Rumba"

Hazel is a beautiful girl of medium colour and coat. She has a calm dependable disposition and enjoys working. She has her Show Championship (Ch), Tracking Dog title (TD), Canine Good Neighbour title (CGN) and Rally Novice obedience title (RN).  She has clearances for hips, elbows, eyes and heart and is in excellent health. Please click HERE for pedigree information.

This is Hazel's third litter. We kept one pup (Mara) from her first litter and another (Adele) from her second as potential breeding females and are pleased with their development.

Hazel was bred to
American and Canadian Champion Summit's Fireline Takes 2 To Tango (Rumba). To read more about him, check Rose's litter as he also sired her pups.

Hazel's pups will be ready to go to new homes around the end of August.

Birthday - 4 males and 5 females on June 30, 2013.

Hazel was unsettled during the afternoon of June 29 and followed June everywhere. She began her labour at 9:45 pm and delivered her first pup at 10:20. 

Saturday morning - lady in waiting.

Saturday afternoon - it helps to keep busy.

Saturday evening - ready to deliver.
10:20 pm - first pup, a male, 16.5 oz.

Number 1 - male, born 10:20 pm - 16.5 oz.
Number 2 - male, born 11:10 - 17.5 oz.
Number 3 - female, born 12:10 am - 16.5 oz.
Number 4 - female, born 12:15 - 12 oz.
Number 5 - male, born 1:00 - 15 oz.

Number 6 - female, born 1:30 - 15.5 oz.
Number 7 - female born 2:10 - 15 oz.
Number 8 - female born 2:45 - 13.5 oz.
Number 9 - male born 3:05 - 16 oz.

Final count at 4 am - 4 males and 5 females.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture with Archibald (Reginald's twin brother) with the same pup to show how much they are growing.

Day 1 - July 1.

Day 7 - July 7.

Day 15 - July 15.

Day 24 - July 24.

Day  31 - July 31.

Day 36 - August 5.

Day 49 - August 18.

Day  57 - August 26.

One week old.

Hazel and her pups continue to do well. The pup are growing and developing as expected.  As Sophie's pups are no longer in the whelping box, we put that box into Hazel's area to replace the temporary box. We did not attach the rails as Hazel needed more room and is now unlikely to lie on the pups. All is well.

Hazel serving her clients.

Satisfied customer.

Two weeks old.

All is well with Hazel and her pups. Their eyes have opened and they are beginning to walk and play. Hazel continues to be attentive while enjoying some time away. The litter is developing as expected with no concerns.

Three weeks old.

We began to feed the pups early as there are 9 of them which puts a strain on Hazel's milk supply. They took to the solid food well. Also, it appears that we may have to move them out of the whelping box before they are 4 weeks old as a couple have managed to climb out and others are looking over the edge. We'll see what happens.

We began the deworming process and put coloured collars on them so that we can identify them easily. Here are a few pictures.

Thinking outside the box.

Nine collars ready to be worn.

Nine pup pile-up.

Hazel hard at work.

Mug shots - July 25.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Green.
Mr. Blue Paisley.

Miss Pink.

Miss Red.

Miss Pink Check.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Orange.

Miss Hazel.

New facilities - July 25.

Although the pups are not yet 4 weeks old, they had learned how to climb out of the whelping box. So we had to remove the box, put in a temporary shavings box and move the pups in to their new home. They adjusted quickly. From now on, Hazel will not sleep with them but will still nurse them regularly. Here are a few pictures.

Umm - what just happened here?

First encounter with a water bowl.

What do we do in here?

Look guys - TOYS!!

I sure hope the neighbours are quiet.

I think we are going to be just fine!

Four weeks old.

Everything is going well with Hazel's pups. She is still nursing them 3 times each day and we are feeding them twice. They are eating the solid food really well and are growing quickly as a result. They are vigorous pups, doing everything with enthusiasm. Here are a few pictures.

There is no chivalry at mealtimes.

Can you find nine?
I just heard from Lefty.
We're bustin' out at midnight!
It's a good plan but some of us are on the fence.

Five weeks old.

The pups continue to thrive. They are nursing twice and eating solid food three times each day. They are exuberant at play-time and during the early stages of visiting times. Next week we will begin de-worming and will further reduce their nursings so that they will be weaned by 7 weeks of age.

Here are some pictures of the visiting time on August 4.

Seven weeks old.

The pups are doing well. They are weaned and are eating 3 meals each day plus snacks. The selection process is complete and the new owners know which pups are theirs. Next week, they (the pups, not the owners) will receive their vet check, first vaccinations and microchips.

Time pressure prevented an update at week 6. Here are a few pictures taken during the past two weeks.

June with Hazel's band of jubilant delinquents.

Two perfect faces.

Two more perfect faces.

And one face that's perfect if a bit dirty.

This is how to play tug.

Something went wrong!

What do I do with this?

Should I chew it?

Or should I carry it?
Maybe I should lie on it?

Or maybe I'll find treats in it!

I give up.

I can sleep anywhere.


Eight weeks old - going home.

Hazel has finished the job. Her pups are completely ready to start the next phase - living in new homes with new people. We have done all we can  - weaning, deworming, microchipping, vaccinating and socializing. Another great group on new owners is ready to make the pups family members and we thank them for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Here are pictures of  the pups and their owners on pick-up day.

Setherwood Fayth "Roxie" (Miss Pink).

Setherwood Fireside "Dawson" (Mr. Green).

Setherwood Finn "Charlie" (Mr. Paisley).

Setherwood Flynn (Mr. Blue Spot).

Setherwood Faithe "Kailey" (Miss Orange).

Setherwood Francine "Fran" (Miss Yellow).

Setherwood Fayre Marlie (Miss Red Check).

Setherwood Floyd "Charlie" (Mr. Blue Check).

Setherwood Flavia "Hailey" (Miss Pink Check).

Hazel with her new family.

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