A Day at Setherwood

We are fortunate to be with the Setherwood dogs every day. Most days, they follow a routine which includes eating, walking, snoozing, watching TV, swimming (in season), training, then more of the same.

We would like to invite you to experience a typical day at Setherwood through these pictures. We hope you enjoy them.

Breakfast - a big hit every day.

Good morning Logan!

We know it's walk time.

Sharing is (sometimes) fun!

Come in - the water's fine.

We would like to but . . . maybe later!

Drying off as we walk.

Our favourite tree.

Retired gray-haired vagrant playing with puppies.

Roll call - we always come for the treats.
We love our field.

Heading home.

Dinner time - we know it is in there.

Keeping humans company while they have supper.
An after-dinner walk - before the skunks are out.

Lounging on our beds in the TV room.

And in the kitchen.

Ready for bed - after another great day.

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