Previous Litter

Violet and Malloy - 5 boys and 3 girls born November 14, 2014.

The pups will go to their new homes about January 10, 2015. 

Setherwood Violette "Violet"

Ch Blackpool The Ice Chip "Malloy"

Violet is a tall athletic girl with a light gold coat and a beautiful face and temperament to match. She is sweet and gentle with people and dogs. Her main loves are swimming, running and hanging out with her owners, our friends in Uxbridge.

Malloy lives at the well-known Blackpool Kennels in Shanty Bay. He has mainly English Goldens in his pedigree. He is mid-sized, cream in colour with dark pigmentation and has a happy outgoing nature. We feel that he is an excellent mate for Violet.

Both dogs have their heart, eye and hip clearances and are in excellent health.

Birthday - November 14, 2014.

Although not due until November 16, Violet delivered 8 pups between 4:10 and 9:55 pm today. Birth weights ranged from 14 to 18 ounces which is normal (usually about 16 ounces). All 8 are nursing well and look good at this point. The next 72 hours are important as Violet settles into motherhood and the pups organs begin to function.

Lady in waiting - 2:30 pm.

It's a boy - 4:10 pm.

Half way home.

Numbers 5 and 6.

Final count 5 boys and 3 girls.

Nursing students.

November 25 update.

Violet and her pups are doing well. All are nursing and growing as expected. Violet spends almost all of her time with the pups and takes very few breaks. She is a dedicated mother.

We snooze . . .

And we eat. It's a simple life.

As Violet has 8 pups and Ellen has 10, we are allowing Violet to nurse the smallest of Ellen's pups. Violet is treating the new addition as her own and the pup is enjoying the arrangement as this picture shows.

November 29 - two weeks old.

Violet continues to be a dedicated mother. Her pups (and one adoptee) are growing and developing as expected. Their eyes are opening and they are trying to walk. All is well.

Eyes are opening

Mouths too.

Puppy pile-up.

Violet with her 8 and one from Ellen.

December 7 - Three weeks old.

The pups are now quite active. They are aware of their surroundings and can see and hear. Violet still spends much of her time with the pups but is beginning to spend some time away.

We began to feed solid food (Royal Canin starter soaked in warm water until mushy). Some litters don't do well with the first meal but these pups thought it was great. Here are a few pictures.

The food has arrived - no interest yet.

June makes the introductions.

They like it!

Some have no table manners.

Some are a bit piggy.

This is still the best!

December 12 - Four weeks old.

The pups spend the first 4 weeks of life in their whelping box with Mum close at hand. Then, it's time to move out to new facilities which will be their home until they leave us at 8 weeks of age. They adapted quickly, particularly to the opportunity to meet their new owners face to face during visiting hours (click HERE for pictures).

Here is a record of the momentous event.

Last feeding in the whelping box.

Violet explains the process.

Some just can't face it.

In transit to new facilities.

Might as well enjoy the ride.

My life flashed before my eyes and it only
took 4 seconds!
Some still can't face it.
Now what?

Are we allowed out?

Time to take action.

So you think that it will be OK?

It's OK!!

Mug Shots - December 14, 2014.

The pups are now wearing the coloured collars that we will use to identify them until they leave us. Here are their mug shots, each one showing maximum cuteness.

Miss Pink Check.

Miss Yellow Check.

Miss Pink.

Mr. Black Spot.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Blue Paisley.

Mr. Black.

December 12 - Five weeks old.

Violet is very happy to be able to go for the daily dog walks and hang out all day with her friends. Her pups are growing as expected and are full of energy. Here are pictures taken during this week's visiting hours.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the pups with a favourite toy so that you see how they are growing.

Birthday - November 14.

November 23 - 9 days old.

November 29 - 15 days old.

December 7 - 23 days old.

December 14 - 30 days old.
December 22 - 38 days old.

Eight Weeks Old - Going Home - January 10, 2014.

The day finally arrived. After months of waiting, the pups are ready to go to their new homes. They have completed the course - weaning, parasite control, much socializing, veterinary exam, first vaccinations and microchips. They are completely ready for a new adventure.

However, on the morning of January 10, it looked to them like another normal day - breakfast, romping on the dog room floor while we cleaned their pen, then the normal morning nap. They had no idea that such change was imminent.

Pups at 9 am - looks like another normal day.

Seminar materials are ready.

Seminar about ready to start.

Seminar over - time to send them home!

So, one by one, the new owners took possession. It was an exciting time for all. It's always bitter-sweet for us but we know that all of these pups are going to great homes where they will be much-loved family members. We thank each family for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Here are pictures of the pups as they leave us.

To be determined (Mr Blue Check)

Setherwood Knickerbocker (Miss Yellow Check)

Setherwood Koopa (Mr Blue Paisley)

Setherwood Kipper (Mr Blue Spot)

Setherwood Kody (Mr Black)

Setherwood Klein (Mr Black Spot)

Setherwood Kentucky Rose (Miss Pink Check)

Setherwood Katie Scarlet (Miss Pink)

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