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Phyllis and Ozzie - 8 males and 6 females born December 29, 2013. 

Ch Setherwood Phyllis RN

Ch Silversign Still in Style "Ozzie"

Phyllis is a big happy fun-loving girl. She was a pleasure to show and have in obedience trials as she loves to show off. Everyday is a wonderful day for Phyllis.

Ozzie (from Kyon Kennels) is a Swedish import whose pedigree combines some of the best British and Scandinavian lines. He is a slightly smaller male, cream in colour, with dark eyes and excellent pigmentation. In his owner's words he is "easy-going, well behaved and soft-tempered, displaying a truly sweet disposition". For these reasons, we feel that he will make a great match with Phyllis.

Both dogs are cleared for hip and elbow displasia and detectable heart defects and are in excellent health.

Birthday - December 29, 2013.

As of noon, Phyllis had delivered 13 pups - 7 males and 6 females. She began at 2:45 am and delivered number 13 just before noon. All the pups had nursed well and look good.  Phyllis appeared to be relaxed so we were sure that she was finished.

In the early afternoon we moved Phyllis and the pups so that we could clean the whelping area and found to our amazement that there were 14 pups. During our time away from her, she had delivered another male. This is the largest litter in our 42 year history.

Although all 14 were doing well, it is a big litter for a dog to raise and there is an increased risk that we will lose one or more. The next few days will be crucial and
we will do what we can to help.

Number 12 - 2 minutes old!

Phyllis and her litter of 14.

One week old.

Phyllis is doing a great job. She is nursing her pups in two shifts as she has only 8 functioning nipples and there is not enough room for all 14 to nurse at once. So she nurses the 2 smallest pups and 6 others for 2 hours in one whelping box then moves to the second whelping box and nurses the other 6 and the same 2 smallest pups for 2 hours. She adjusted to this schedule easily and even knows which group she should do next.

The smallest 2 pups are weighed daily so that we know if they need to be supplemented. As the pups are not able to regulate their body temperatures at this age, each area is heated to about 30C using heat lamps. A 2 foot by 2 foot frame is used to make sure that the pups that are not with Phyllis don't wander away from the heat source.

All the pups are growing as expected. The average weight has increased from 12.2 ounces at birth to 15.5 ounces at a week of age. They are nursing vigorously and are quite active so we feel that they are not at risk.

Shift A - Phyllis nursing 8.

Shift B - 6 pups waiting their turn.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will take a picture of the pups with a toy (his name is Winchester) to show how the pups are growing. 

Winchester and friends - 1 week old.

Two weeks old.

Three weeks.

Four weeks.

Five weeks.

Six Weeks.

Seven weeks.
Eight weeks.

Two weeks old

Phyllis has continued her good work and the pups have responded well. She still nurses 7 pups at a time and moves from one group to the other every two hours (three hours over night). The pups are already beginning to walk and their eyes are opening. All is well.

Phyllis and all 14 - just for this photo.

Bath time.

They can sleep anywhere.

Nursing frenzy.

We have started to bottle feed the 4 smallest pups in each group to give them a little help. They really enjoy this time with their "other" mom.

Three weeks old

The pups continue to do well. As they can see and hear, they are playing and reacting to sounds. Phyllis still nurses them on 2 hour shifts and is looking after the housework but is much more willing to spend time away from her puppy duties.

All 14 and Phyllis still looks happy.
She has her sister's nose.

Siblings are very comfortable.

Too sleepy to lie down.

We began to feed them the starter food which we soak in hot water until it is soft.  Fortunately, the pups ate it well. This will help Phyllis and will encourage the pups to grow more quickly.

Some like it.

All like it.
Most are polite.

Some are not.

I lost my napkin.

Typical boys - ate themselves into a coma.

Visiting Hours - January 19.

This was the first time that the pups were held and cuddled by their visitors. This is the start of a close relationship between pups and people. All enjoyed the experience, although Mara spent so long in one lap she went to sleep. Here are a few pictures.

Four weeks old.

For the first 4 weeks of their lives, the whelping box has been the pups' world. Phyllis has been with them as much as we could arrange and provided almost all of their nutrition. Life was stable. 

The next four weeks will be a time of change. Before they leave us beginning on February 23, they will be weaned, de-wormed, vet-checked, microchipped and vaccinated. They will spend several hours with their new owners and others during visiting times so that they will be confident with people. They will also develop their individual personalities as they interact with each other. It's a lot to experience but essential if they are to be ready for life in their new homes.

So the whelping boxes were removed and the pens re-configured. Phyllis will not stay with them full-time but will visit on a schedule to nurse them. We will feed them their starter ration. As the weeks progress, the number of nursings each day will decrease while the starter feedings will increase so that the pups are weaned when they reach seven weeks of age.

They all adapted to the new facilities. Here are a few pictures.

Last nursing in the whelping box.

Waiting for the new place to be ready.

Can you see anything?

Wow! It's HUGE!
We have toys!
And our own swimming pool!!
Phyllis breaths a sigh of relief.
Final inspection - all is well.

Visiting hours - January 26.

We had a full turn-out despite the weather. At this age, the pups don't stay awake for long and fell asleep in a variety of poses. It was the first time that they could be right with their visitors. All enjoyed the experience.

Mug Shots.

Miss Red.

Miss Pink Check.

Miss Purple.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Pink.

Miss Orange.
Mr. Green.
Mr. Black.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Blue Paisley.

Mr. Red Check.

Mr. Yellow.

The big dogs always express great interest in the pups. Here is Adele making a new friend.

Hi. I'm Mr. Purple. What colour are you?

Five weeks old.

The pups are all doing very well. Phyllis still nurses them twice each day and we are feeding them three times. They love the mushy starter kibble but still like Mum best. Their personalities are developing and they are playing whenever they are not eating or sleeping. While all pups like to move the water bowl by pulling on the towel that the bowl sits on, the boys have invented something new. 

Girls + Mr. Green enjoying the moment.

At a time like this, comfort is secondary.

This is why we don't nurse all 14 at once.

"Towel over the water bowl" - a new pup game.

Each week we take a picture of the pups with Winchester to show how they are growing. This week's event turned into a mugging, as these pictures show.

I just LOVE my job!

They are all so friendly.

Maybe a bit too friendly!

CALL 911!!

Seven weeks old.

Other commitments have kept us from updating at six weeks. However, the pups have continued to do well and are now seven weeks old. They are now completely weaned, the selection process is complete and they are ready for the last week before going to their new homes.

The next week will be eventful. We will finish the de-worming process and parasite control measures. They will have their first vet checks and vaccinations and will receive their microchips. We are changing their food from the starter ration to Royal Canin Maxi puppy food which will be what they will need in the next phase of growth. If the weather holds, they will have their first experience with snow. And then, at the end of the next week, it will be time for them to begin their lives as family pets.

Each morning, we clean the pup areas, put in clean shavings, beds and toys then spend some time playing with all fourteen. They are VERY enthusiastic - everything is a game. It's a fun time for them and us.

Clean-up helpers.

They LOVE the duck call!

Visiting hours -February 16.

Many of the new owners visited the pups on February 16 and fortunately the weather allowed us to take the pups outside for the first time. They enjoyed the snow then came back inside for a little shut-eye. Here are a few pictures.

Last week at Setherwood.

Mutiny coming?

It may well be that Winchester - who has been the guy to show how the pups have grown - will refuse his next assignment. These pictures show why.

Last time guys!

Hey - that's my nose!

And that's my - never mind.

I need to speak to my union rep.

Veterinary examination and first vaccinations - February 19.

Dr. Jason Steinman of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to check each pup and give the first set of shots. Here is Mr. Green's account of this very important process.

First he checked my eyes.

then my ears,



belly button,

and my heart.

After he said everything was fine, he JABBED me!

It wasn't so bad.

Saying our goodbyes.

Last group cuddle.

June says "Goodbye".

Best of luck from the big dogs.

Whispered wishes from Phyllis.

Eight weeks old - going home.

After weeks of waiting, the day to take them home has arrived. The pups have been weaned, vet-checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, socialized and selected by their new owners. They are completely ready for the next big adventure.

It is a bitter-sweet time for us as we always enjoy our time with each group but we know that all the pups are going to people who will give them the love and care they deserve. Our thanks to yet another group of great owners. We have enjoyed meeting and getting to know them and we thank them for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Setherwood Gracie-Lou "Gracie-Lou" (Miss  Purple)

Setherwood  Ghirardelli "Charlie" (Mr. Blue Check)
Setherwood Goliath "Mozzi" (Mr. Red)
Setherwood  Glorious Jackson "Jackson" (Mr. Green)
Setherwood Gilmore "Doug" (Mr. Yellow)
Setherwood  Grant "Henry" (Mr. Purple)

Setherwood  Gus "Gus" (Mr. Blue Check)

Setherwood  Georgia "Annabelle Lee" (Miss Orange)

Setherwood  Genevieve "Clover" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood  Giselle "Ellie" (Miss Pink Check)

Setherwood  Gatsby "Archie" (Mr. Paisley)

Setherwood  Gillian "Lily" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood  Gulliver "Bowie" (Mr. Black)

Setherwood Geneva  (Miss Red) - staying at Setherwood

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