Previous Litter

Mara and Sheamus - 7 girls and 6 boys born January 6, 2015.

Setherwood Xiomara

Ch Kyon's Sheamus O'Shea

Setherwood Xiomara "Mara" is a mid-sized girl with a straight gold coat and a pleasant quiet disposition. She is enthusiastic outdoors and peaceful in the house. She has been a pleasure to have in our kennel and home. 

Ch Kyon's Sheamus O'Shea "Sheamus" is a handsome boy with good angulation and a smooth topline. He is an outstanding mover with excellent reach and drive. He has a happy outgoing temperament, yet is very stable and confident. Sheamus is also a keen retriever. We believe he is an excellent choice as Mara's mate and that the resulting puppies will make great family pets.

Both dogs have their heart, eye and hip clearances and are in excellent health.

As we were very happy with the pups from Mara's previous mating to Sheamus, we have repeated this breeding.

Birthday - January 6, 2015.

Mara's 13 puppies were born today by C-section. She had not eaten well for a few days and was very lethargic. We were concerned that she would be unable to deliver a large litter. The surgery went well at the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital and Mara is doing well today (January 7).

When Mara arrived home with her litter, she was still under the influence of the anesthetic and had very little milk. Meryl was also close to delivering the one pup she was carrying and her mammary system was all ready. So we offered some of the pups to her and she adopted them immediately. Between them, Mara and Meryl had enough milk to satisfy the pups overnight. By the morning of January 7 Mara was feeling much better and her milk had started to flow. The pups are now quiet and content which tells us that they are well-fed.

Meryl still has not delivered her pup but should do so within a few days. It had been our intention to let Meryl look after some of Mara's pups as we were expecting a big litter. As long as all goes well, Meryl will continue as the surrogate mother.

As always, the staff at the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital did a great job and we thank them.

Here are pictures of the dynamic duo taken January 7, AM.

Meryl and 7 girls.

Mara and 6 boys.

Pictures taken during the C-section.

The pictures show the x-ray taken before surgery, two of the pups as they are removed, the clean-up after delivery and Mara in recovery. There is almost no blood. Please click HERE to view.

January 8 update.

We are sad to report that Meryl delivered her pup today but it was stillborn. Fortunately, she will be able to devote herself to the feeding and care of some of Mara's pups.

All 13 of Mara's pups are doing well as of today.

January 14 - 8 days old.

All is well with Mara, Meryl and Mara's pups. Meryl is nursing the 6 boys and Mara the 7 girls. While Meryl spends almost all of her time in the whelping box, Mara is already thinking "outside the box".

Meryl and Mara - different levels of dedication.

Both Meryl and Mara have enough milk to satisfy their charges and both are keeping the pups clean. The pups are gaining weight as expected and are quite active. There are no concerns. Here are a few pictures.

Meryl and the boys.

This is contentment.

Mara and . . .

. . . the girls.

January 18 update.

All 13 pups are doing very well. They are plump, energetic and healthy. Both Mara and Meryl are meeting their every need.

Here are a few pictures of Mara's girls.

Mara and Meryl do take break whenever the opportunity arises.

Meryl - relaxation mode.

Mara - much more reserved.

January 22 update - 16 days old.

The pups and developing normally. Their legs are strengthening and they are trying to take first steps. Their eyes have opened but they still don't see clearly. They are nursing well and, as both Mara and Meryl still have a lot of milk, they are quite plump. Both Mums are eating well and are in excellent health.

Eyes have opened.

Sisters make great pillows.

Six groupies and one rebel.

Meryl loves her snacks!

Their vision will be clearer next week and, as they see each other, they will begin to play. They are still deaf but will be able to hear some sounds by the end of the next week.

I do like to be close to my brothers.

But sometimes they are just too close!


There's no point shouting. None of us can hear!

Visiting Hours - January 24.

Today was the first day our visitors could spend time holding the pups, which they did. The pups seemed quite happy to be held close, cuddled and kissed, some showing just how much they appreciated the attention with big yawns. Here are a few pictures.

First deworming treatment - January 25

This is the start of the process that will rid the pups of any worms they might have. Each pup was weighed and the correct amount of the medicine was given. We also trimmed the front nails so they are less likely to scratch the mothers when nursing. The average weights were 3 pounds 10 ounces for girls and 3 pounds 8 ounces for boys.

I'm a heavyweight - 3 pounds, 11 ounces.

I've been elected spokeswoman and I say "YUUUUCK!!"

Visiting hours - January 31 and February 1.

This was the first time that the visitors could sit with the pups. It was also the first time that the pups were out of their whelping areas. The pups were shy at first but soon adjusted enough to fall asleep. It was a good time for all. Here are some pictures.

February 3 update - four weeks old and moving to new digs.

For the first 4 weeks of their lives, the whelping boxes have been the pups' world. Mara and Meryl were with them almost full-time and provided almost all of their nutrition. Life was stable. 

The next four weeks will be a time of change. Before they leave us on March 7, they will be weaned, de-wormed, vet-checked, microchipped and vaccinated. They will spend several hours with their new owners and others during visiting times so that they will be confident with people. They will also develop their individual personalities as they interact with each other. It's a lot to experience but essential if they are to be ready for life in their new homes.

So the whelping boxes were removed. The Mums will not stay with them full-time but will visit on a schedule to nurse them. We will feed them their starter ration. As the weeks progress, the number of nursings each day will decrease while the starter feedings will increase so that the pups are weaned when they reach seven weeks of age.

They all adapted to the new facilities. Here is Miss Orange's description of the process.

It all started when I looked over the side of the whelping box.

The big ones said "They'll move you if you do that!"

We all said "Yeah, right!"

But then we were put on a mystery bus.

And arrived at our new, huge home.

It was a bit scary but it's great now!!

Mug shots - 4 1/2 weeks old.

Here are the mug shots, each pup identified by the colour of his or her collar. And no, we did NOT take 13 pictures of the same puppy.

Miss Orange Check.

Miss Yellow Check.

Miss Orange.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Pink Check.

Miss Green Check.

Miss Pink.
Mr. Blue Paisley.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Black Spot.

Mr. Red Check.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Mr. Pink (no relation).

Tired after all that posing.

Visiting hours - February 8.

Last week, the pups were a bit shy and fell asleep quickly. Not this week! They were active, bold and playful. They had a great time with their visitors and with each other.

February 12 update - 5 weeks and 2 days old.

Until now, the boys were kept in one half of the pen and the girls in the other half. This made it easier for us to control nursings and feedings. But now they need a larger area to allow them more chance to run and play. So we removed the central dividing panel which gives them a pen that is 16 feet long. As usual, the big dogs offered their advice which made the job much more difficult. Here are a few pictures.

Geneva and friends offer construction help.

Job done, in spite of the help.

It's a great place to take meals.

And dessert!

The pups are eating well. They are nursing twice each day and eating three daily meals of soaked kibble. They are energetic and playful. All is well.

February 23 update - 7 weeks old tomorrow.

The pups continue to thrive. They are fully weaned and are eating 4 meals of starter ration daily.
They are outgoing, confident and healthy.

The next 2 weeks will be a time of change as we prepare them for their lives with their new owners. Their food will be changed to the Royal Canin Maxi puppy food that they will be fed after they leave. They will be given a veterinary health exam, their first vaccines and their microchips which will be their permanent identification. They will receive their final parasite control meds and will be matched to the new owners. And finally, they will leave us to start new lives. There is a lot for them to experience and, like the pups before them, they will be just fine through it all.

The pups have been well socialized, due in large part to the weekly visiting hours. The visitors have shown them that humans are gentle and fun and each week they have become more confident. Here are a few pictures taken as they interacted with the visitors this past weekend.

Humans LOVE visiting hours!

Even when they are being strangled.
I think I have a flea!
.These pups look good from any angle.

Don't blame us. You're the one who let them hang.

Having fun is the key!

If my pants fall down, you are TOAST!

Toes are surprisingly comfortable.

Always keep your human on a leash.

Cone head!

The visitors are gone.


First time outside - March 1.

The weather was warm enough to take the pups outside for the first time during visiting hours. They all enjoyed playing in the snow and the visitors enjoyed watching.

Visitors and pups - always a great combination.
I LOVE this white stuff!

Although it is a bit cold on the feet.

Cuddling always helps.
They all like Mama June!
Dreaming of Spring, although I don't know what that is.

A veterinary introduction - March 5.

On March 5, Dr. Dan (Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital) came to give each pup a physical exam and first vaccination. Miss Green volunteered to be first and to give her account of the process. Here it is.

First he looked at my throat.

Then he checked my hips,

My neck and ears,

And listened to my heart.

Then he gave me my first shot!

And I wasn't scared at all!

Eight weeks old - Going home.

The time has finally come. The pups have been weaned, de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and matched with their new owners. They are now ready to begin their lives in new homes. It is a happy - and a bit scary - time for pups and owners and a bitter-sweet time for us. It was a pleasure for us to meet each of these new - and in some cases repeat - owners. We know that they will give these pups the care and attention they need and that the pups, in turn, will give them years of unconditional love. We thank them for choosing Setherwood Golden Retrievers.

Here are pictures taken as the pups leave us.

Setherwood Murphy's Law "Murphy" (Mr Paisley)

Setherwood Mimi "C.C." (Miss Pink Check)

Setherwood Mylo "Mylo" (Mr Red)

Setherwood Midas "Sequoia" (Mr Purple)

Setherwood Mary "Sophie" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood Maggie "Sophie" (Miss Orange Check)

Setherwood Macy "Macy" (Miss Orange)

Setherwood Magnus Hawk "Hawk" (Mr Blue Check)
Setherwood Murphy "Murphy" (Mr Blue Spot)
Setherwood Manosa "Greta" (Miss Green Check)
Setherwood Milo "Milo" (Mr Black)

Setherwood Molly "Stella" (Miss Pink)

And one more, staying at Setherwood.

Setherwood Mildred "Millie" (Miss Yellow Check)