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Lana and Johnny - litter born December 28, 2010



Ch Setherwood Ulana CGN (Lana) was bred during the last week of October to Ch Fantango Johnny Walker (Johnny). She delivered 6 puppies (4 males and 2 females) on December 28, 2010. The pups will be ready to go to their new homes beginning on February 20, 2011.

These dogs have all their health clearances (hips, hearts and eyes), are in excellent health and have wonderful temperaments.

This is Lana's third and final litter. We have been very pleased with the quality of her pups in her litters and kept a pup (Phyllis) as a future breeding dog. After the pups are weaned, Lana will retire to live with her new family in Richmond Hill where she will enjoy being a much-loved only dog.

Johnny is an Australian import from the Fantango kennels. Fantango combines the top English lines to produce their own unique look. He has a wonderful temperament and outgoing personality and should combine well with Lana to produce outstanding puppies.

Birthday - December 28, 2010

Dec 27 - Lana and favourite new pig waiting to deliver.

Dec 28 - happy new mother.

See how they grow

Each week or so we will take a picture of the same pup beside the pink pig to show how the pups are growing. We will also post other pictures of Lana and her pups following this section.


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks
7 Weeks - Hey that's my job!

One week old

I can't see her but I can smell her.


Two weeks old

Unfortunately, one of the male pups died at 9 days of age. It appeared that his lungs did not develop properly.

The other 5 pups are doing well. Their eyes opened at 12 days. They still can't hear but will in a few days.

Eyes are open.

I just can't look at all these cat faces!

Three weeks old.

The 5 pups continue to develop well. They can hear, their teeth have come through (Lana is sooo pleased) and they are starting to play together. They will soon start on puppy food (Lana is sooo pleased).

Phew - puppy breath!

It's great to have close (really close) friends.

Visiting Hours - January 22, 2011

This was the first time the pups were were able to meet their new owners outside of the whelping area. At first they were shy, then they began to enjoy the new experience and then they fell asleep. 

Four weeks old

This was an eventful week for the pups as they learned to eat dog food, moved out of the whelping box to new quarters and began the weaning process.

First time eating solid food - it was a hit!

Lana cleans up while her pups have dessert.

I hear we are to be evicted today.

All aboard the mystery train!

I think I liked the old place better.

If we ever climb in we won't fall out.

Hey, maybe this will work out OK.

Let's see how we feel after a snooze.

Visiting Hours - January 30

Visiting hours are a great opportunity for the pups to meet their new owners and to become comfortable with people. And the new owners and guests seemed to have a good time too. A nice afternoon for all involved.

Five weeks old.

The pups are continuing to do well. They have found their voices and discovered that the sound of the gate opening means that food is coming. Weaning is proceeding on schedule (Lana is sooo pleased).

Gee Auntie Florence, are you having puppies?

I feel just like a quarter-back - SACKED!

The gate is open! How do we get out ?

Like this!

Six weeks old

The pups had their first time outside on a mild but snowy day. They are very active and are willing to try new things - like jumping over barriers and playing with their toys. They are nursing only once each day and eating 4 times a day.

First snow day

A good leaper.

A not-so-good leaper.

Somewhat better going this way.

I am vicious!

Lana still loves them.

Seven weeks old

The pups had a very eventful week. They were chosen by their new families. They had their first vet examination (all fine), vaccine, were microchipped and de-wormed. Finally, they said "Goodbye and thanks" to mother Lana.

The players

The referee

Saying "Goodbye" to Mum (can you find # 5?)

Going home at last!

Eight weeks old - going home

The day that each family looked forward to for so long has finally arrived.




Ellen - staying at Setherwood

Although he feels sad that his friends have gone, Pink Pig is able to share his experiences with the mascots for the next 2 litters.

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