Previous Litter - Florence and Johnny, born March 26, 2011.

Setherwood Florence was bred to Ch Fantango Johnny Walker (Johnny).  They have all their health clearances (hips, hearts and eyes), are in excellent health and have wonderful temperaments.

The pups were born on March 26 - 3 girls and 3 boys -  and should be ready to go to new homes about May 15, 2011.

This is Florence's first litter. She is a medium-size girl with a straight and smooth gold coat . She lives with a family in Ballantrae where her passions are (after her family) chasing a ball and swimming.

Johnny is an  import from the Fantango kennels in Australia, owned by Blackpool Kennels in Shanty Bay, Ontario. His pedigree goes back to the top English  lines which we want to re-introduce to our Goldens. We are very much looking forward to the puppies that these two produce.

Birthday - March 26

Friday morning - waiting in the sun.

Saturday morning - busy with the new family.

One week old

Still busy with the family.

Contented babies.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the darkest female puppy beside a favourite toy. You will be able to see just how fast they grow.

Day 1 - March 26, 2011

Day 8 - April 2, 2011

Day 15 - April 9, 2011

Day 22 - April 16

Day  29 - April 23

Day 36 - April 30

Day 43 - May 7

Two weeks old

As Sophie had only 1 puppy and Florence was losing weight nursing 6, we gave 2 of Florence's boys to Sophie. Both moms are pleased with the arrangement.

Getting stronger every day.

One high-energy puppy!

Three weeks old

The pups have changed so much this week. They can now see and hear and they have their teeth (Florence says "BOOOO!"). They are becoming aware of their surroundings and are beginning to play.

Dreaming of wide-open spaces.

Thinking of ???

Visiting hours - April 17

Four weeks old

The pups have learned to eat well on their own so it is time to begin the process of weaning them. Also, they have noticed that there is a world beyond their whelping box and would soon try to escape. So, the whelping boxes have been removed and they have been given a larger area.
Both litters will now be together. We will now teach them to use the wood shavings for toilet duties - a process which is just a lot of fun for teacher and students.

All I see is walls - there MUST be more!

All aboard the green train to . . .

New digs - and a new way to nurse.

Ellen remains detached from the proceedings.

Five weeks old

The weaning process is progressing well. The pups are beginning to show their individual personalities. They are using the litter box the odd time - we are hoping for better performance soon!

Everyone enjoys visiting hours.

Now I will take your picture.

New yoga position.

Six weeks old

The pups have been weaned and are eating solid food well. They had their first adventure outside and enjoyed playing on ( and eating) the grass. They will be vaccinated and micro-chipped shortly.

Mums enjoying time away.

The tortoise and the hare.

I hear that you might be leaving!

What IS this stuff?

We are planning to "stick" together.

Much needed rest.

Seven weeks old

The pups had a busy week. They were examined by the vet, received their first vaccinations and were microchipped. They were chosen by their new families and will soon be leaving.

Enjoying the big dog bones.

May I have some more please?

We look great - coming and . . .

. . . going.

Going home

Most of the pups left to begin their new lives on May 15. Here are pictures of the pups with their new owners.

Setherwood Sidney "Jagger"

Setherwood Squier "Charlie"

Setherwood Skylar "Bentley"

Setherwood Shawnee "Nimkee"

Setherwood Score "Animosh"

Setherwood Stuart "Stuart"