Previous Litter - Claire and Kramer.

Five males and 5 females were born June 17, 2015.

Ch Setherwood Bouclaire "Claire"

Ch Bowbell's He's Got The Kavorka "Kramer"

Birthday - June 17, 2015.

Claire delivered her first pup at 6:55 am and her 10th at noon. There are 5 males and 5 females, the birth weights ranged from 9.5 ounces to 14 ounces and all 10 were born easily. Claire was calm and focused the whole time which made our job much easier.

Here are a few pictures taken on June 17.

First meeting.

Two minutes old.

Number 10, weighing in at 13 ounces.

Eloise wanted to help. We said "No, but thanks".

Update - June 19.

All is well. The pups are nursing well and Claire is eating all that we are offering. As she has only 8 functioning nipples, she nurses the boys while the girls sleep on a heating pad . Then after an hour, we switch and she nurses the girls while the boys snooze. We do this all day. Claire has all 10 overnight.

Delivered 10 and still looking great.

Five snoozing boys.

Wake up boys - it's feeding time!

All together now.

June 30 update - 13 days old.

Everything is good with Claire and her litter. She is eating well and feeding her pups full-time. The pups are growing and developing as expected. The pups' eyes will be open next week.

Claire spends some of her time lying on her back which makes nursing an adventure.

Climbing mount Claire.

I'm still cute!

July 11 update - 24 days old.

Claire's pups have changed a lot in the past week. They are now walking well, learning to play and bark and experiencing their first feedings of solid food. As there are too many for Claire to nurse all at once, we are allowing her to nurse the 5 boys while the 5 girls eat soaked kibble. Then at the next feeding, the girls nurse and the boys eat the kibble. Each week, the number of nursings will decrease while the number of solid food feedings will increase until the pups are completely weaned at about 7 weeks of age.

Claire is still happy to spend time with the pups and is a good housekeeper. All is well.

There's no more room!

Five at the bar.

And five at the bowl.

I MAY have eaten too much!

It's play time!

Don't give me any lip.

You're the best Mum ever!

Gratitude makes it all worthwhile.

Four weeks old - moving to new quarters.

For the first three weeks of life, the pups were happy in the whelping box. Toward the end of the fourth week, they began to look over the side and to realize that there might be more to explore.  When this happens, we know that it is time to remove the whelping box and give the pups  a different place to live. Here is their description of the process.

We were starting to think outside the box.

Then suddenly we were put on the mystery train.

It must have been an overnight trip since we all slept.

Then we arrived at a new place.

It was HUGE!

There were toys,

a nice bed

and a water bowl that can double as a splash pad!

We didn't know what to do in the shavings.

Or how to get out of the box!

For a while, we were a bit homesick.

But now, it's all GOOD!

This is where the pups will live until they are ready to go to their new homes. This will be a time of adjustment, as they must be weaned, dewormed, vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and matched to their owners by the time they reach 8 weeks of age. It is a lot but they are up for the challenge.

Up to now, Claire has been with the pups each night and they were able to nurse whenever they wanted to. Now they will be fed solid food and nursed on a schedule. As the weeks pass, the number of nursings will be decreased and the number of feedings increased so that they are completely weaned by the time they are about 7 weeks old.

Mug shots - July 17.

The pups are now wearing coloured collars which we will use to identify them until they are ready to leave. And here they are, 
each with his and her unique expression.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Purple.

Miss Pink.

Miss Red.

Miss Orange.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Black.

Mr. Paisley.

Mr. Green.

Visiting Hours - July 18.

We had a full house today. Although the day was set for Claire's pups, Adele's were out as well, making a total of 19 pups rushing around, being cuddled then falling asleep. The visiting times are an important part of the pup's socialization and are great fun for the visitors.

Here are a few pictures.

August 5 update - 7 weeks old.

Claire's pups are nearing the end of their time with us. They have been weaned, microchipped, dewormed, and matched to their new families. They are well socialized due to the many visitors who came to spend time with them. They are confident, outgoing and ready for their next life challenge.

Here are some pictures taken during the past 10 days or so.

Bonehead 1.

Bonehead 2.

Socks are tasty!
It's hard to be humble when you are this cute!

Just so you know - you have some ear wax.
Sphinx look-alike.

Quick tongue 1.

Quick tongue 2.

Veterinary exam and vaccination - August 6.

Dr. Wayne Cole of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to give the pups their first health checks and vaccinations. Here is Miss Orange's account of the proceedings.

He started by looking deep into my eyes.

Next he checked my gums,





belly button (it's very cute),

and my heart.

And because all was OK, I got my first shot.

Thanks Dr. Wayne. I feel great!

August 8, 2015 - Going Home.

After weeks of waiting, the day to take them home has arrived. It is a bitter-sweet time for us as we always enjoy our time with each group but we know that all the pups are going to people who will give them the love and care they deserve.

Here are pictures taken just after the families had received their puppys and later when the pups experienced grass for the first time.

And finally, here are pictures of the pups as they leave us. Our thanks to yet another group of great owners. We have enjoyed meeting and getting to know you and we thank you for choosing Setherwood Goldens. Please keep in touch.

Setherwood Northern Star "Stella" (Miss Red)

Setherwood Notenufgoldens "Claire" (Miss Pink)
Setherwood Naughty or Nice "Jingle" (Mr Black)
Setherwood Nugget "Cody" (Mr Blue Check)

Setherwood Nanaimo "Quinn" (Mr Green)

Setherwood Naomi "Roxy" (Miss Purple)

Setherwood NoraPhoebe "Phoebe" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood Nacho "Nacho" (Mr Paisley)

Setherwood Nixon "Monty" (Mr Blue Spot)
Setherwood Nora "Nora" (Miss Orange)

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