Previous litter - Adele and Sheamus.

ive males and four females were born June 20, 2015.

Setherwood Adeline "Adele"

Ch Kyon's Sheamus O'Shea "Sheamus"

Birthday - June 20, 2015.

Adele delivered her first pup at 5:20 am and her 8th pup at 8:36 am. The births were easy. The birth weights ranged from 14 ounces to 17 ounces. The pups were vigorous at birth and nursed soon after.

After the 8th pup was born, Adele relaxed as they do when there are no more pups to deliver. There was a lump high up on Adele's side which felt like another pup. We were concerned enough to take Adele to the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital for an ultrasound to see if she was finished. The ultrasound showed two pups, one dead and the other (the lump we felt) alive but under stress. The vets removed the dead pup but felt that a C-section was the best bet to save the live pup. Fortunately, Adele managed to deliver the live pup while she was being prepared for the C-section. After some oxygen, pup number 9 (a girl, born at noon) was declared fit to go home. Here she is just after she arrived. Our thanks to all the great staff at the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital.

Finally home after a very long journey.

As of 4:30 pm, Adele and her brood are doing well and we do not expect further complications.

Adele on June 19.

Adele on June 20. What a difference a day makes!

June 28 update - 8 days old.

Adele is doing a great job. She is attentive, is nursing well and has a good appetite. The pups are content and growing. All is well.

Dreaming of meal time.

Dreams do come true.

Visiting Hours - July 4, 2015.

The pups are two weeks old today. Their eyes have opened and they are beginning to walk. Their development is normal. Adele continues to feed them well and is eating well herself.

The pups had many visitors today. Everyone - including Adele and Claire - had a good time. Here are a few pictures.

Four weeks old - moving to new quarters.

Until now, the pups have lived in their whelping box where Adele was almost always with they to feed, clean and cuddle. Now they must begin the process by which they will become ready to leave us and  begin their lives in new homes. In this next 4 week period, they will be weaned, dewormed, vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized and matched to their new owners. It seems a lot but each litter manages all the changes while having a lot of fun.

So we removed the whelping box and set the area up for the next 4 weeks. Here's what we did:

Put clean shavings in the litter box.
Added a comfy bed,

some used-to-be-fluffy towels,

fresh water (may not stay fresh or in the bowl),

and a few fun toys.

Then we added the puppies.

Then, after feeding time, they'll were all happy!

Well, almost all.

You see from the above picture that Adele is nursing one group while the rest are eating solid food. This makes it easier for Adele to nurse them as 9 is too many to handle all at once. A few hours later, we do this again but the groups are reversed. As the weeks go by, we will increase the number of solid feedings and reduce the number of nursings so that the pups are completely weaned by about 7 weeks of age.

Mug shots - July 17.

The pups are now wearing coloured collars which we will use to identify them until they are ready to leave. And here they are,  
all looking as if they can't quite figure out what is happening.

Miss Red.

Miss Orange.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Pink.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Blue.



Mr. Green.

Visiting Hours - July 19.

Today was set for Adele's litter but Claire's pups joined in. This meant that the visitors were able to play with a total of 19 pups! Everyone seemed to have a great time. The pups were quite active and interacted well with the visitors. This process is a big part of the pup's socialization.

Here are a few pictures.

August 5 update - 6 1/2 weeks old.

Adele's pups are doing very well. They are completely weaned, have received their microchips and are nearing the end of the deworming process.

This is a confident and outgoing group of pups, thanks in part to the many visitors that have come to spend time cuddling and playing. Here are a few pictures taken during the past week or so.

We bite ears.

And tails.

And fingers.

And toes! (Great socks!!)

My feet are beautiful.

Your feet are stinky.

I've always been athletic.

I'm considering podiatry.

This might not be my day.

I'm worried that I'll outlive my investments.

Two's company. Three's more company.

Bye. See you next week!

Veterinary exam and vaccination - August 6.

Dr. Wayne Cole of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to check each pup and give the first set of shots. Here is Mr. Green's account of this very important process.

First he checked my eyes,

then my mouth,

and then he looked in my ears.

Next were my shoulders

my hips

and my heart.

And then, I got my very first vaccination.

I passed every test even though I didn't study!

Visiting hours - August 9.

It was a beautiful day - soft breeze, not too hot and the deer flies had taken a vacation - so the pups were outside. As we had finished matching the puppies, the new owners were able to spend time with their own pups as well as with some others. The pups had a great time, experiencing grass and dirt for the first time. Miss Pink had a fun time trying the tunnel, digging and getting quite dirty.

This was the last visiting before the pups leave us next weekend. 

Final day at Setherwood - August 15.

This afternoon, the new owners will arrive for the new puppy seminar after which they will take the pups home. Here is how the pups spent their final morning at Setherwood.

First, they played on the floor while their facilities were cleaned.

I hope there are toys in the new place.

Has anyone seen my keys?

There were treats in this once.

I'm practicing for the 100 cm dash.

Wow! Now I see how you eat so quickly!


I'm trying a new hair gel.

Ready for their final afternoon at Setherwood.

Then, they spent time in the outside pen. 

A freshly dug hole is the coolest place to be!

Although you might get a bit dirty.

Yes, the house is modest.

But it has a GREAT backyard!

Barking lessons?
We think we had fun!

Going Home - August 15.

This afternoon, the new owners arrived for the puppy seminar and to take the new family members home. Here is what happened.

Early arrivals.

Quincey (Mr Burgundy) will look quite fashionable.

The new puppy seminar begins.

After the seminar, puppies are distributed.

Pictures are taken.

Then outside for a pee (puppies only).

Some like to play with their new toys.
Others prefer to embrace nature.

Then home - in a brand new crate.

Goodbye! Don't forget to write!

To another great group of families.

So, after weeks of waiting, the day to take your puppy home has finally arrived. The pups have been weaned, vet-checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped and socialized. They are completely ready for life with you.

It is a bitter-sweet time for us as we always enjoy our time with each group but we know that all the pups are going to people who will give them the love and care they deserve. Our thanks to all of you. We have enjoyed meeting and getting to know you and we thank you for choosing Setherwood Goldens. Please keep in touch.

Here are the pictures of the pups as they leave us.

Setherwood Oliver Biggs "Biggs" (Mr Purple)

Setherwood Oceania Luna "Luna" (Miss Yellow)

Setherwood One Love "Quincey" (Mr Burgundy)

Setherwood Opal "Alexis" (Miss Red)

Setherwood Oceania "Jasper" (Miss Orange)

Setherwood Olliver "Oliver" (Mr Green)
Setherwood Odin "Walter" (Mr Black)
Setherwood Orlia "Jasmine" (Miss Pink)

Setherwood Okanagan "Nash" (Mr Blue)

Puppy collars - washed and ready for the next group.

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