Previous Litter - Meryl and Boomer

Litter born March 6, 2013 - 4 males and 3 females. These pups are now in their new homes.

Setherwood Meryl 

Ch Stormynights Chance of Thunder "Boomer"

Meryl is a mid-sized girl with a light gold, straight coat. She is a very sweet and gentle girl who gets along well with humans and dogs alike. She went to obedience classes and did well but was not comfortable in show or trial settings. We decided not to force the issue as she is so good with us here.

We chose Boomer as Meryl's mate for many reasons. He is a solid, stocky young male with an easy-care blond coat. He finished his show championship easily in the summer of 2012.
In his owner's words "Boomer is a sweetie. He is fun to be around, eager to please and just generally a good boy".

We bred to Boomer's father "Chance" earlier and loved the resulting pups. We believe that Meryl and Boomer will produce just what we want - pups that are healthy, good-looking and sweet.

Both dogs have their heart, eye, hip and elbow clearances and are in excellent health.

Delivery day - March 6, 2013.

10:00 am - feeling large and unsettled.

11:15 am - first contractions.

12:15 pm - female, 15 oz.

12:40 pm - male, 17 oz.

12:50 pm - female, 16 oz.

3:15 pm - female, 13 oz.

3:25 pm - male, 17 oz.

4:20 pm - male, 15 oz.

5:50 pm - male, 13 oz.

Final score - males 4, females 3.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the same puppy beside a favourite toy so that you see how the pups are growing. Last time, Reginald offered to be the toy and did such a good job that we have conscripted him again.

Reginald reporting for duty.

Day 1 - March 7.

Day 8 - March 14.

Day 15 - March 21.

Day 22 - March 28.

Day  29 - April 4.

Day 49 - April 24.

Week 1

Meryl and her pups had a good week. She is eating well and feeding the pups full-time. The pups have almost doubled their birth weights and are plump and content. Their eyes and ears remain closed and Meryl still stimulates them so they can relieve themselves. Their development is normal and all is well.

I'm his brother and I might be heavy.

Seven pup pile-up.

The bar is definitely open!


Maternal bliss.

Meryl - doing a great job!

March 17  Two cute pictures - no captions required.

Week 2

The pups continue to develop and grow as expected. Three of the group have some minor lung congestion which we are treating. We are glad that they are nursing well and show no other signs of difficulty at this point.

Their eyes have opened although they are still unable to see well. Their legs are strengthening and they are beginning to walk. Of course their noses are still working very well and they have no difficulty finding Meryl when she enters the whelping box. As it is now unlikely that Meryl will lie on any of the pups, we have removed the whelping box rails to give them more room.





Nursing gymnastics - March 24.

Here are pictures of Meryl and one of her pups in unusual nursing poses.

The best example yet of a relaxed nursing mother.

This CAN'T be comfortable!

Week 3

The chest congestion eventually spread to the rest of the pups but had no effect on their growth. By the end of the third week, all had recovered completely. Their development and behaviour are normal. They are walking and playing well. They have discovered their voices and are using them often. Meryl continues to be a dedicated Mum with lots of milk but is beginning to rethink the need to clean up after them. We will probably remove the whelping box soon to give them more room.


Barking (sort of).


Call me "Tank".

Definitely puppy breath!

We need a bigger dining room.

Visiting hours - March 31

This was the first time the pups were away from the whelping area. They adjusted well, although we will have to remind a couple of them that it is not good form to pee on the guests. Here are a few pictures.

Week 4

The pups began the weaning process this week. They were fed puppy food that was soaked in hot water until soft. Some litters are very keen to try the new food but this group required a lot of coaxing. In the end, they did a good job. Here are a few pictures.

First we were suspicious.

Then some of us tried it.

We decided that it is edible,

but we still prefer Mum.

Our new (unnamed) website editor.

Just making sure that my best side is shown.

Weeks 5 and 6

We were vacationing during this period. Meryl and her pups went to stay with Lynne and Joe of Meliagold Golden Retrievers in Newcastle. They did a great job and the pups returned to us on April 21 in wonderful condition. Our thanks to them for their care and devotion. Here are pictures taken on April 19.

Week 7

We are well along in the weaning process. The pups will be completely weaned from Meryl by the end of the week. They will soon receive their microchips, first vet check and first vaccinations.

They are now wearing coloured collars to make identification easier. Here are their mug shots.

Miss White

Miss Red

Miss Orange

Mr. Brown

Mr. Beige

Mr. Grey

Mr. Blue

Mr. Reginald

Vet checks - April 26.

Dr. Dan of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to give the pups their first health checks and vaccinations. Here are pictures of the pups going through the process.

Miss White - eyes OK

Miss Red - heart great.

Miss Orange - hips fine.

Mr. Brown - stomach in good shape.

Mr. Beige - ears good.

Mr. Blue - teeth functional.
Mr. Grey - first shot.

Mr. Reginald - brain check (inconclusive).

Visiting hours - April 27

As usual, the pups began with enthusiasm and finished asleep. Here are a few pictures

First time outside - May 1.

Perfect weather allowed us to take the pups outside for the first time. They spent the afternoon in the puppy run where they discovered a hole dug by a previous group of inmates. By the end of the afternoon, the hole was bigger, the pups were dirtier and everyone was happy. Even Reginald joined the fun. Here are a few pictures.

Going home

After what seemed like a very long wait, the pick-up day arrived and the new owners came to attend the new puppy seminar, have their pictures taken and then take their new family members home. We enjoyed meeting each of you and look forward to hearing from you as your pups grow. And thank you for choosing Setherwood Golden Retrievers.

Setherwood Conlann "Calan" (Mr. Blue)

Setherwood Cagney "Shaina" (Miss Orange)

Setherwood Clair "Marino" (Miss White)

Setherwood Chloe "Sophie" (Miss Red)

Setherwood Chaska "Brodie" (Mr. Grey)

Setherwood Copper "Cooper" (Mr. Brown)

Setherwood Caramia"Rupert" (Mr. Beige)

Reginald - all ready for his next assignment.

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