Previous litter - Rita and Oliver - born May 14, 2011.

Ch Ejon Setherwood Dreamcatcher RN (Rita) was bred to Ch Dove Cottage Oliver Twist (Oliver). She delivered 6 pups May 14 - 4 girls and 2 boys. The pups would be ready to go to new homes on July 3.

Oliver and Rita have all their health clearances (hips, hearts and eyes) and are in excellent health.

We have bred to Oliver a few times in the past and have always been very pleased with the health and happy disposition of the pups. Several of his pups have gone on to be Canine Vision dogs. He gets along well with dogs and people. He has an easy-care coat, a very pleasing head and great movement. As a result he earned his show championship at a young age.

This is Rita's third and final litter. After the pups have been weaned she went to her new home with Pat and Tom in Uxbridge and lead the life of a spoiled only-dog.

Birthday - May 14

May 14 pm - what puppies?
May 15 am - 6 pups after a hard night's work

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the same pup beside a favourite toy. You will be able to see just how fast he grows.

Birthday - May 14

Day  8 - May 22

Day 15 - May 29

Day 22 - June 5

Day 29 - June 12

Day 36 - June 19

Day 43 - June 26

Day 50 - July 2 - Charlie and the pink pig

One week old

The pups have grown so much in the first week. Rita has fed them really well and they have responded. While they were smaller than normal at birth, they are now almost the perfect weight.

Rita and her brood.

Contented puppies.

Two weeks old

The pups have changed so much this week. Their eyes have opened and they can hear the other dogs in the dog room. They have also started to walk and play together.

I am sooo cute!

Hear no evil, see no evil, do nothing.

Three weeks old

As their teeth have developed, it was time to start feeding solid food.

Mum still loves us.

And we love this stuff!

Four weeks old

The pups had been peeking over the edge of the whelping box during the past week - a sure sign that it was time to move them to new quarters.  For visiting hours, the pups were able to interact in the main room for the first time.

Last time in the whelping box with Mum.


Visiting hours - fun for kids,


pups and


Kelly's birthday party

On June 17, Kelly celebrated her 9th birthday with 7 of her friends. Their day included a visit with Rita's pups who were pleased to join in with the festivities.
Kelly and her family were already familiar with Setherwood dogs as they took one home 4 years ago and named her Phoebe.


Kelly (far left) and friends

More happy faces

 Never leave your shoes unattended

Grooming Hazel

Party pooper!

Thanks for coming!

Five weeks old

The pups are almost completely weaned so Rita will be going to her home in Uxbridge soon. The pups have been going outside and learning about grass and how to walk in it without tripping.

Favourite game

Ellen entertains the pups

These are all MY toys!

Neatness is not my strong suit

Six weeks old

The weaning process was completed this week. The pups were still enthusiastic nursers as these pictures of the last nursing show.

Every pup for himself!

Over the top.

At least I have a bit of class.

Thanks Mum.

The pups continued to make the most of their playtime, doing the things that puppies love to do. They are always entertaining.

Some of us bite fingers and
some of us chew shoes.

Some of us pull Iris' hair and

one of us is just PERFECT!

Dr. Wayne Cole of the Uxbridge Veterinary Clinic examined each pup and gave the first vaccination.
 Rita returned to her home this week, having done a great job.

Dr. Wayne Cole - listening to the heart.

A job well done! Thanks Rita.

Seven weeks old - going home.

The long-awaited day finally arrived and the pups went to their new homes.  Now the fun begins! Our thanks to these great new owners for choosing Setherwood Goldens. 

Setherwood Tinkerbelle "Abby"

Setherwood Tait "Charlie"

Setherwood Tanglefoot "Abby"

Setherwood Twist N Turn "Gracie"

Setherwood TiDeJo "Lucy"

Setherwood Thrasher "Booker"

There is a footnote concerning Setherwood TiDeJo, AKA Lucy. Two of the children in the family wrote a contract promising to love and care for Lucy. It was signed after the new puppy seminar in front of witnesses. Here it is.