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Lady in waiting - November 21, 2011

Birthday - November 22, 2011

Sophie delivered her first pup at 10:15 pm on November 21 then waited almost 2 hours before producing the next one. As she had only one pup in her last litter, she probably thought that one was enough this time. After June explained the unpleasant facts to her, she apologized for her inaction and started again, delivering the rest between 12:13 am and 3:55 am on November 22. Each pup came easily and all were nursing well by 4:00 am. Their birth weights ranged from 14 to 19 ounces.

A big job well done.

A well-deserved rest.

Watch them grow.

Each week, we will post a picture of the lightest female puppy beside a favourite toy. You will be able to see just how fast the litter is growing.

Birthday - November 22.

Day 7 - November 29.

Day 15 - December 7.

Day 21 - December 13.

Day 28 - December 20.

Day 36 - December 28.

Day  43 - January 4.

Day  50 - January 11.

One week old

Sophie is doing a great job with her pups. She is dedicated but calm - a good combination. The pups are growing rapidly - the average weight increasing from 16.6 oz. at birth to 31.2 oz. at a week of age - and are developing as expected.

On a mission.
Lunch is served.
I am soooo full!

Peace and harmony.

Two weeks old

Sophie has carried on with her good work and the pups have continued to grow and develop. Their eyes have opened and they will soon be able to hear. They are trying to walk but still can't support their weight.

Sophie showing her normal soft expression.

And doing her normal great job!

Eyes are open.

Fine, I'll put you down. There's no need to shout!

Three weeks old

Sophie's six are walking quite well and are playing with each other. They can hear and their teeth have come through.

Learning to walk and play.

Dental exam.

After the mums have been out for a break, they find a snack waiting for them. Here is Sophie demonstrating how she deals with this expected pleasure.

Anxious to be with her pups?

Or is this more the attraction?

Four seconds flat - a new world record!

Back to work.

First feeding - December 17.

Sophie's pups were fed for the first time today. This begins the three week weaning process. At first, the solid food (dry puppy food soaked in warm water until soft) is fed a few times each day while Sophie continues to stay with them and nurse them as usual. Later (beginning about December 21) she will no longer stay with them full-time but will nurse them on a schedule that reduces the nursings and increases the feedings of solid food until they are completely weaned.

Sophie's pups took to the new food easily. Here are a few pictures of this the first in a series of new adventures.

Oblivious to upcoming change.

What's this stuff?

It's different . . . 

. . . but not bad!

Almost all gone.

Did I miss any?

Visiting Hours - December 17 and 18

There were MANY visitors and everyone enjoyed the experience. And Sophie made a new best friend!

Four weeks old

The pups were beginning to think about climbing out of the whelping box so they were moved into their new apartment today. Some pups are a bit intimidated by the process but not Sophie's. They adjusted immediately, trying out the water bowl, toys and bed. Of course they have no idea what the shavings are for but will soon learn.  They continue to grow and have reached an average weight of just under 5 pounds (birth weights averaged about 1 pound).

From now on, Sophie will not be staying with them but will visit regularly to nurse them.

It's a new world out there!

In transit to our new quarters.

Our room is ready. The toilet is HUGE!!

First drink of water - quite a surprise.

Already playing with the new toys.

Soft bed! We're going to like this place.

Five weeks old

Sophie's pups are thoroughly enjoying their visitors, as these pictures show. And the visitors may be having a good time too!

Six weeks old

Sophie's pups are approaching the final stages of the weaning process. Sophie has been nursing them twice each day and we were feeding them soaked puppy food twice. Next week they will nurse only once per day and eat three puppy food meals.

The pups received the first worming treatment this week and will be given their vet exam, first shots and microchips next week.

All the pups are doing well - an exuberant group!

First worming - not exactly a taste treat!
Belly dancers?

We LOVE humans!

Choosing day - only one week to go!

January 11 - Sophie is going home.

As her pups are completely weaned, Sophie is going home. She was bathed and groomed. Her owners arrived and she seemed to know that it was time to leave. Don and Linda are glad to have her at home again and we are very thankful to them and to her for a job well done.

First the bath then the grooming.

Goodbye Sophie and thanks.

Going home

After weeks of waiting, the time to take the pups home finally arrived. Here are the happy owners and their new family members. We thank each of them for choosing Setherwood Goldens.

Setherwood Vixen 

Setherwood Victory "Kessel"

Setherwood Vyolet "Grace"

Setherwood Vanevery 
Setherwood Victorious Venture "Kilo"
Setherwood Violette "Violet"