Previous litter - Mara and Sheamus.

Six males and 3 females were born June 17, 2014. The pups are in their new homes.

Setherwood Xiomara

Ch Kyon's Sheamus O'Shea

Setherwood Xiomara "Mara" is a mid-sized girl with a straight gold coat and a pleasant quiet disposition. She is enthusiastic outdoors and peaceful in the house. She has been a pleasure to have in our kennel and home. 

Ch Kyon's Sheamus O'Shea "Sheamus" is a handsome boy with good angulation and a smooth topline. He is an outstanding mover with excellent reach and drive. He has a happy outgoing temperament, yet is very stable and confident. Sheamus is also a keen retriever. We believe he is an excellent choice as Mara's mate and that the resulting puppies will make great family pets.

Both dogs have their heart, eye, hip and elbow clearances and are in excellent health.

Birthday - June 17, 2014.

Mara delivered 
9 pups - 6 males and 3 females - between 10:10 am and 5:05 pm.  The pups were born easily and there were no complications. Their birthweights ranged from 15 ounces to 17.5 ounces. They were vigorous right after birth and nursed immediately. Mara was calm from start to finish and is now resting comfortably. We do not expect problems but we know that the next 72 hours are important as Mara settles into motherhood and the pups organs begin to function.

June 16 - all is prepared.

June 17- labour begins.

Number 6 - 1 pound, 1 1/2 ounce.

Final count - 6 males and 3 females.

June 19 - two days old.

All 9 pups are nursing well and developing as expected. Mara is a dedicated Mum and has enough milk to meet the demand.  All is well.

Mara and brood - 2 days old.

One week old.

All 9 pups are growing and developing well. Mara is a dedicated mother, spending almost all of her time feeding and cleaning. She is eating well so her milk supply is good. There are no problems.

Mara and her nine.

Nursing machines.

Two weeks old.

The pups eyes are opening and they are beginning to walk. And we heard the first bark this week. Mara is still doing a great job but is quite happy to spend time with us and her friends when the opportunity arises. We will try the pups with some solid food toward the end of the coming week.

We need a bigger dining room.

Eyes are opening.

She's a mover.

I think it's time you took these bars out!

Belly up to the belly.

Just one quick question - how much longer???

July 4 update.

We removed the bars from the whelping box as Mara is unlikely to lie on any of the pups at this point. The pups are walking well and are beginning to play the usual puppy games, "piling on" being a favourite.  Of course, nursing time is still the best. Here are a few pictures.

Visiting Hours - July 5.

This was the first time that the visitors could hold the pups. They took full advantage as these pictures show.

July 13 update - moving to new facilities.

The pups have continued to grow and develop as expected. So far, they have spent all their time in the whelping box with Mara. Now they are ready to begin the process by which they will be ready for their new homes at about 8 weeks of age.

So today, we removed the whelping box and gave them a new area where they will live until they leave. As is usual, they were a bit nervous at the start but soon began to feel more comfortable. From now on, Mara will not stay with them full time, but will visit to nurse them on a schedule designed to wean them by the time they are 7 weeks old. We began to feed them solid food last week and also gave them the first de-worming treatment. Here are some pictures taken on moving day.

Last feeding in the whelping box.

I wonder where we will go.

Isla gives advice.

Construction man with able-bodied persistents.

Mum seems unconcerned.

The new home is ready!

Feeling uncertain.

First water bowl encounter.

I think they are called toys.

The neighbours seem nice.

Yaay! Mum came to visit!

We think we'll be just fine.

Visiting hours - July 13.

This was the first time that the pups could play with the visitors. They did very well and all had a great time. Here are a few pictures.

Mug shots - July 14.

Miss Red.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Pink.

Mr. Blue Check.

Mr. Blue Paisley.

Mr. Black.

Mr. Green.

Mr. Purple.

Mr. Blue Spot.

Tired after all that photography.

Visiting hours - July 19.

The pups enjoyed kisses,
laps, toes, thumbs, tickles, toys, a bracelet, a sock, snoozes and of course the visitors.

July 26 update.

The pups are progressing on schedule. They are enjoying their meals of solid food (Royal Canin starter kibble soaked in warm water until soft) and the daily nursing with Mara. By the end of next week, we expect that they will be completely weaned. In the last week before they go to their new homes, we will change their food to Royal Canin Golden Retriever puppy food which will meet all their nutritional needs as they grow and develop.

The group is active, friendly and quite confident. We are enjoying our time with them.

Hangin' out by the pool.

My diet starts tomorrow.

Mara - still working.

They will enjoy this as long as possible.

Visiting hours - July 26.

This was the pup's first time outside. The weather was perfect and the pups enjoyed all the new experiences - like grass, sticks, flowers, rocks, etc. And of course they enjoyed their visitors and the inevitable after-play snooze.

Vet exam and first shots - August 6.

Dr. Jason Steinman of the Uxbridge Veterinary Hospital visited to give the pups their veterinary exams and first vaccinations. Here is Mr. Purple's description of the process.

First he checked my teeth,
then my eyes,
my ears,
and my heart.

Finally, the hard part.

I was very brave.

August 13 update.

The pups are just over 8 weeks old. They have completed all the steps required for them to join their new families. They have been weaned, switched to puppy food, socialized, dewormed, vet-checked, vaccinated and microchipped. They are energetic and confident. Here are a few pictures taken during the past week.

I like Mr. Piggy best because he doesn't bite.

Yes I could drink it but this is more fun.

First puppy encounter.

The wet-head is not dead.

I'm more the intellectual type.

Thought I'd try a moustache.

I LOVE being outside!

The inevitable result of fresh air and fun.

Watch them grow.

Periodically, we will post a picture of the pups with a favourite toy (whose name is Winchester) so that you see how the pups are growing.

June 19 - 2 days old.

June 24 - 7 days old.

July 8 - 21 days old.

July  15 - 28 days old.

July 26 - 39 days old.
August 13 - 57 days old.

Going home.

It is time for us to say "Goodbye" to this group of pups. We have enjoyed them and we think they have been quite happy here with us. However, they are ready for the next big adventure. We thank each of their new owners for choosing Setherwood Goldens. We have enjoyed meeting them. We know that each one will give the new family member the love and care he and she needs.

Here are pictures of the pups as they leave us.

Setherwood Jazz "Kya" (Miss Yellow).

Setherwood Jalapeno "Pepsi" (Mr Blue Dot).

Setherwood Jagger "Gus" (Mr Green).

Setherwood Jim "Louie" (Mr Blue Check).

Setherwood James "Jamie" (Mr. Purple).

Setherwood Jumping Jack "Duke"  (Mr. Black).

Setherwood Jada "Jada" (Miss Pink).

Setherwood Jordy "Riley" (Mr. Blue Paisley).

Setherwood Juliet "Daisy" (Miss Red).

Winchester  - "I survived another bunch!"

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